Parents have a knack for NOT apologizing…have you ever noticed that before?

Even if they are 100% guilty of something and they know they blew it…they still won’t actually say I’M SORRY.

It must be a pride thing…

Instead, they’ll “apologize” in some kind of roundabout fashion that is their way of telling you they’re sorry…kind of…

People on Twitter shared the unique ways their parents say sorry.


1. That’s not cool.

Putting the blame on you.

2. Don’t even bother.

Not much of an apology.

3. You made me do this!

Have you heard this one before?

4. What gives you the right?!?!

So lame.

5. You ungrateful little…

You can finish that sentence.

6. You must apologize NOW.

Oh, boy…

7. Gaslighting from Mom.

Putting it all on you.

8. BUT. The big BUT.

There’s always one of those.

9. The silent treatment.

I guess I should just end this…

10. It’s magic!

Look at that!

11. Act like nothing happened.

While you’re in panic mode…

12. Hmmm. Not cool.

But be grateful for it!

Now we want to hear your stories.

In the comments, please tell us about the unique ways that your parents apologized to you.

We look forward to hearing from you!