We’re all in the midst of a very strange and unique situation right now, aren’t we?

Hopefully, we’re over some kind of hump now, but there’s no telling yet, is there?

One thing that is for sure is that parents have been spending A TON of time cooped up with their kids. Maybe too much time…

But at least we’re getting some humor out of this whole thing, because parents across the board are taking to Twitter to vent and let the rest of us know how crazy they’re going!

Let’s take a look at some funny tweets from parents who might be going just a little bit stir crazy…

1. Learned from the best.

Parents: take note.

2. Well, what do you want from me?

It’s never enough!

3. She knows what she wants.

To each their own…

4. Totally shook.

Who is this kid?

5. Don’t do it!

You better be careful with this one…

6. You like this?!?!

How could anyone like this?!?!

7. That is amazing.

This kid might have a future in comedy.

8. Just what we need.

And evil genius in the making.


9. It’s going really well.

I bet you can’t wait for schools to reopen…

10. Not having it.

What kind of parent are you?

11. This is TRUTH.

How could you ever turn down pizza?

12. That’s gonna be rough.

Better start weaning them off of it right now.

Now we want to hear from the readers out there!

In the comments, tell us about how you’re dealing with this time stuck at home.

And tell us what the kids have been up to! Give us all the dirt!