Hey, you!

You really gotta see this!

You’re not gonna believe this!

You’re about to see some hilarious tweets that, frankly, you’ve been missing out on.

Now, we’re not here to judge, but we think it’s about time you saw these because they will make you laugh and they’ll also make you a better person.

Does that sound agreeable to you?

Let’s take a look!

1. That’ll wake you up every time.

Oh no, not again!

2. Whoever thought this was cute has it all wrong.

This kitchen isn’t big enough for the both of us.


3. It’s 2:30, let’s call it a day.

I think we put in enough work, don’t you?

4. I’m in love with QuikTrip!

And I definitely know some Wawa fanatics out there…

5. This is a solid plan.

I might even steal this idea.

6. That laundry has been sitting there for a while, huh?

Ahhh, you’ll get to it eventually!

7. I can’t believe how far The Beatles have fallen.

It’s a sad state of affairs.

8. You’ll never forget this genius.

He had a way with words…

9. What did I do with my life?!?!

Yeah, our twenties are pretty rough, don’t you agree?


10. I see what you did there!

And you should be proud of yourself!

11. Let’s hope these meats finally figure it out.

I’m rooting for them!

12. I think we might already be there.

Don’t you think so?

What are some other great tweets that you’ve seen lately?

Or memes or photos or jokes?

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Thanks a lot!