Hey there, I have a question for you…

When’s the last time you laughed?

I mean the last time you really laughed to the point that your stomach hurt and you needed to lay down on the ground to catch your breath?

Well, if it’s been a while, we’re gonna put a stop to that right this instant.

Because we have a feeling it’s been wayyyyyy too long…

So kick your feet up, relax, and get ready to LAUGH OUT LOUD.

Start now!

1. This is a good point.

That darn duck!

2. This is gonna be all the rage.

Mark my words.

3. Just go to sleep and forget about them.

Hey, that’s what I do, too!


4. Hey, that is not cool at all!

Look at what you’re putting this poor guy through.

5. It’s true!

What, you didn’t know that?

6. That’s really all it takes.

The more you know!

7. You, my friend, are a true romantic.

You’re definitely gonna meet The One.

8. I feel kind of guilty when this happens.

I didn’t mean to snitch on you!

9. That kid is EVIL.

Keep an eye on that one.


10. No worries if not!

This sounds like an empty threat if I’ve ever heard one…

11. You really need to get that looked at.

I think you might have a problem.

12. I don’t have a staff…yet.

But I will sooner than later!

Now you’re gonna make us laugh!

In the comments, share some more funny tweets so we can keep this party going!

Memes, photos, and jokes will work, too!

Thanks a lot, friends!