This might sound strange to you, but I’m gonna go ahead and ask it anyway…

Have you ever fallen in love with a tweet?

I know, I know, I must sound like a crazy person right now, but I’m asking because I HAVE.

In fact, I fell in love with all of the tweets you’re about to see…I guess you could say that it was love at first sight.

Okay, now I’m rambling. Jeez, I sound like a schoolboy…a schoolboy who desperately wants to make sweet, sweet love to these tweets.

But enough about me, now I want YOU to fall in love with these hilarious tweets. Go ahead and get started!

1. Is this for your Final?

Sounds kind of intense to me…


2. I don’t belong here…

What the hell am I doing here…?

3. That does not look good.

Not good at all…

4. Check out the big brain on you!

You’re clearly a genius.

5. You can’t argue with that.

It’s her room now. Got it?

6. Yeah, you better not do that.

Who would do that, anyway?

7. Uh oh…what are you doing here?

That’s always humiliating.


8. I think you nailed it!

Now this is a classy meal!

9. I do the same thing!

We have a lot in common!


10. That always goes over well with Grandpa.

Grandma doesn’t seem to like it, either…

11. Let’s see what this is all about…

Wow! Who knew?

How about you?

What’s the absolute funniest tweet that you’ve seen lately?

Share all the good stuff with us in the comments! Thanks!