There are some things we buy expecting them to be single use items, or very near. We don’t pay much for them and we’re not upset when they don’t last. Other things we pay a lot for and are disappointed when they have to be replaced sooner rather than later.

The real unicorn items are the ones we get great deals on and that end up lasting far longer than we expect – and sometimes, I think if we just give things a chance, they might surprise us.

People definitely got their money’s worth out of these 12 things, because they squeezed out every last drop!

12. That honestly doesn’t look like the same belt.

I wonder if Grandpa would recognize it.

My Grandfathers belt (left) roommate found the exact belt almost new at a thrift store (right)
byu/bonecrusherr inWellworn

11. I wonder how many hour’s use is on those?

Just curious, because it’s cool to see.

My old 54 mm skateboard wheels next to my new 54 mm skateboard wheels
byu/nick1341 inWellworn

10. It won’t take long to wear down the new one.

Those archaeologists are a dedicated bunch.

New vs. one working day cleaning archaeological ceramics
byu/PLAUTOS inWellworn

9. How was he even still using that first one?

I think it should have been retired awhile ago, to be honest.

Bought my father new beard brush after using this one for 30+ years
byu/Sharlovski inWellworn

8. I’d be kind of sad to let that one go.

Y’all have been through a lot of workdays together!

Finally traded out my 30 year old tool box!
byu/dadadilla inWellworn

7. It’s crazy that one still works.

Doesn’t make me feel very safe, to be honest.

My dads key vs my key
byu/fucktarddd inWellworn

6. When you find a good work boot you hold on like grim death.

Those things are worth their weight in gold.

They served me well for 6 years but it was time. $220 plus a $60 resole a couple years ago from the local cobbler. Looking forward to another 6 years. I’ve blown through $200+ Red Wings and Timberlands in months but these never failed me. (The holes happened a few months ago.)
byu/TigerBlue12 inWellworn

5. Who keeps keychains that long?

Seriously, I’m impressed.

After several years of faithful service, it’s time to retire my Lego robot keychain
byu/AnotherPublicAlias inlego

4. This is insanely hard to believe.

This is one of my favorite pictures of the bunch.

Two and a half years in the Pilbara desert vs brand new
byu/Separate-Statement-2 inWellworn

3. That has been one faithful hat.

Look how much sun damage it’s taken on your behalf!

This hat that I wore every day for the past 4 years, and its replacement
byu/lpreams inWellworn

2. I’d say two years is a good long while.

They stood between you and blisters for as long as they could.

finally got a new pair of work gloves… 2 year gap.
byu/lordofracoons inWellworn

1. You gotta love Docs for as long as possible.

That’s absolutely in the rulebook.

+5year old Doc Martens vs New
byu/InDarkestNight inWellworn

I’ve got a few pairs of shoes and some old sweatshirts that you can pry out of my cold, dead hands, I swear.

What are you going to use until you absolutely can’t anymore? Tell us in the comments!