People often say that we don’t deserve dogs, but I’m not sure we fully appreciate just how true that is.

When I look around at the world right now or listen to the news, I will legitimately often have the thought “I’m really glad dogs don’t understand what we’re up to.” If they did, they’d be appalled. They’re far too loving and perfect to tolerate the depths of human nonsense.

On the other hand, their love is so unconditional that perhaps they’d still be there for us even if they knew the depths of our dumb.

Either way, I sure am glad dogs are around. Here are some memes about ’em.

12. Happiness hole

Hello from the other side.

11. So sweet

Not quite a chocolate lab, but I’ll take it.

10. High art

Why have you betrayed me so?

9. Breaking news

But…but we look so much alike!

8. Dog day afternoon

Psh. He’s got a hot tub, what’s he complaining about?

7. The chosen one

There is no higher honor in this life.

6. The zooms

Finally, I have escaped all that damned perfection.

5. Lookalikes

Wait, which one is which?

4. Call of the wild

He just wants attention, poor pupper.

3. Drama queen

Honestly, I’m the same way.

2. A changed world

Gettin’ the heck outta doggo jail.

1. On guard

They discovered his one weakness…tummy rubs.

We may not deserve dogs, but their presence in our lives in one injustice I’m perfectly content to keep around.

What’s your favorite thing about your dog?

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