Co-workers can make or break your job. Great co-workers make the day go by a bit faster.

They make you laugh, they make fun of unreasonable customers with you, and they’ll swap shifts with you when you need it.

Here are 12 memes that celebrate amazing, funny co-workers:

1. These two were destined to work together

I’ve got the high ground!

Photo Credit: Reddit

2. Good enough

So festive and cheery!

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3. Seems legit

The smartest plans are the easiest to understand, right?

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4. I feel like there’s more to this story

Have you ever heard of Avocado Hand? Yeah… yikes.

Photo Credit: Reddit

5. Celebrating citizenship

Tinder for America!

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6. Seriously, call Mark

I don’t know if I’d put that bit about the internet history, though. Seems a bit crude.

Photo Credit: Imgur

7. This is a genius move

I need a stamp like this! So efficient!

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8. Anything to make conference calls better

What do you win if you get BINGO?

Photo Credit: Imgur

9. Slashed

Damn, that’s cold!

Photo Credit: Reddit

10. I’m jealous of this stapler

It has travelled the world!

Photo Credit: Reddit

11. Perplexed by lunch bags

Good lord people… have you never heard of paper sacks?

Photo Credit: Reddit

12. I’d work with Shane

He seems like the most fun guy, ever!

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These jobs seem like they’re probably fun, right? A barrel of laughs every single night? 20 pounds of fun in a five pound bag?

Alright, we’re sure you’ve got some great work stories, so lay ’em on us! We love to read them.

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