I’ve never been married, but I feel like I’ve seen enough movies, tv shows, plays and memes about it that I kind of understand what it’s like? It’s mostly about asking each other where you want to eat over and over until one of you commits homicide, right? That’s the overall impression I get.

Maybe these twelve memes will help me get a clearer picture of wedded bliss.

12. When you’re right, you’re right


11. Drawing the line

It’s the only way to be sure you won’t be pushed off the bed.

10. Hard hitting questions

This is a total slam on Mater from Cars and I won’t stand for it.

9. Life hack

Lol remember when people would go places for dinner?

8. The waiting game

I can’t quite decipher the vibes I’m getting from this bear.

7. Finishing up

Never gonna happen. Best of luck anyway.

6. It’s raining, it’s pouring

Can’t even stay out of trouble while we’re sleeping.

5. Stay on target

This place has a way of playing with your mind.

4. Area of expertise

I’ll take my dumb elsewhere, thank you very much.

3. You got served

Get it? Because she’s going to commit murder.

2. Don’t sweat it

Non-sweats became illegal in 2020, you should know this.

1. Kept on file

I gotta be honest ya’ll, memes don’t sell marriage very well.

After careful review, I have decided not to get married right now. And before you say anything, yes, I do make all my major life decisions based on memes and I’d ask you to respect that.

What’s marriage like for you?

Tell us in the comments.