I think the words “tired” and “parents” go together most of the time, but with the year we’ve all had, there’s no question that it does now.

We’ve had a lot of togetherness, very little leaving the house, and are all trying to juggle work along with everything else.

We could use a laugh, is what I’m saying – and these 12 memes are an excellent reminder that not only is it good to laugh at our lives sometimes, but also that we’re not alone in the madness.

12. Snacks are obviously better than dinner.

Kids have a death wish.

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11. I am definitely making this face, too.

And no one is getting laid tonight.

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10. If you ever find just the cap…

*shudder* I can’t think about it.

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9. It is truly a good thing they are cute.

They would not survive otherwise.

8. There is such a thing as too much of a good thing.

Kids will teach you this lesson almost every day.

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7. It is just delightful.

You can actually smell the freedom.

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6. They seem to pick and choose.

Based on my own observations.

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5. Sometimes they have to be disappointed.

At least she’ll be mad at you and not Santa.

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4. Bless the parents who enjoy that stuff.

I am not one of them, and it takes all kinds.

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3. This might be the most accurate image I’ve ever seen.

It’s like someone took a picture of me.

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2. Unless you count heartburn as complaining.



1. Routines make the world go ’round.

Yes, I am that mom, and I make no apologies.

Image Credit: Someecards

The reminder that we’re all in this together is so welcome on some days, don’t you think?

In that spirit, which of these memes have you already shared with a friend?

Tell us down in the comments!