Hey, there’s no getting around it: if you’re a man and you haven’t had any serious relationships with women, you most likely have A LOT to learn about them.

You know that’s the truth!

And today we’re gonna hear from some AskReddit users who admitted what they didn’t know about women until they spent time with them.

Take a look at what they had to say.

1. No escape.

“Hard to believe how much hair shedding.

In the shower, on floors, jamming vacuums, in the laundry… sometimes find hair wrapped around my junk and don’t even know the hell it happens.”

2. The more you know…

“They pee like pressure washers.

Especially after waking up.

Full bladders are no joke.”

3. Impressive.

“They’re able to withstand unbelievable temperatures.

Whether it be in the shower or under the blankets.”

4. Always uncomfortable.

“How being uncomfortable is a daily occurrence for them, whether be periods or clothes and makeup to look pretty or people bothering them, they seem to be in a constant stream of uncomfortableness.”

5. What’s a thread count?

“I never knew what soft sheets felt like until I spent the night with a girl for the first time. Who knew what thread count was? Women. Women know. Most men do not.

I was 17 and remember laying in her bed and was like “why the f**k is bed as soft as a cloud?!” She laughed and just thought I was being funny.

When she laid in my bed she understood. My sheets felt like cardboard by comparison. That’s when she taught me about thread count for sheets. Such an eye opener.”

6. It all depends.

“Periods can be really debilitating for some and a complete nothing-burger for others.”

7. Way too hot.

“How impervious to hot water they are!

My wife’s shower seems permanently set at scalding. Washing the dishes – scalding! Bath water- scalding

No s**y time in the shower here, I value not melting my skin!”

8. Say goodbye to them.

“I thought my hoodies were mine…

Saw an ex I hadn’t seen in over a decade while grocery shopping recently.

I recognized my old hoodie before I recognized who she was.”

9. Mind = Blown.

“That the buttons on their shirts were on the other side.

That blew my mind.”

10. Weird and surprising.

“That breast milk comes out of multiple ducts on the n**ple not just one.

The first time my wife showed us with our first child and little streams went all different directions…it was so weird and surprising.”

11. All the time.

“Women get hit on like 10x more than you think is possible.

This should be in the back of your mind both when it’s inappropriate( it took me while but I realized I probably shouldnt hit on ladies at work and let them enjoy their work day without getting hit on by coworkers) , and when the time is right( know that when you are hitting on that lady in the bar that you are not the first to do it and will not be the last).”

12. Don’t mess with it.

“No matter how many bras they own, there is ONLY ONE that is perfect and god forbid you somehow lose/ruin that ONE bra, she’ll make John Wick look like a choir angel!”

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