Would you please GROW UP?!?!

There comes a time in everyone’s life when they have to stop doing certain things: drinking too much, staying out all night, asking your friends to help you move, etc.

And that brings us to today’s question: what should you not do anymore if you’re 25-years-old?

Check out what people had to say about this.

1. Stop it.

“Leading people on. No one has time for that s**t after 25.

It’s hard enough out there in the dating game and holding someone down when they could be pursuing someone else is a d**k move.”

2. Do your thing!

“I think that age 19-20ish was when I realized how dumb it was to be embarrassed about hobbies and interests.”

3. Watch your step.

“Learning that actions have consequences.

You can’t just undo things or backpedal your way through life.”

4. No time for that.

“Once I got out of places like college and especially high school, I really started valuing my free time and it became easier to pick out relationships I thought were actually worth it and tend to them.

If you still find yourself hanging out with people you h**e/h**e you once you’re no longer required to be in a space with those people, that’s on you.”

5. You better wise up.

“Making mistakes and blaming everyone else, thus never learning and living in a cycle of bad choices due to lack of self awareness.”

6. Trouble.

“Committing petty crimes. 25 is just about the age where what I call The Newspaper Effect starts to set in.

If you read “Local man, 24, arrested for (insert petty crime)” you think he’s just a kid.

If you read the same thing about someone 25+ you assume they’re a piece of trash that won’t get their life together.”

7. Forever young.

“Thinking you are too old for arbitrary things.

Stay youthful people.

Do whatever makes you happy.”

8. Slow down.

“Drinking every day/ too much partying.

Cool it down before it’s too late.”

9. The basics.

“Not knowing how to do basic life maintenance/house upkeep. No excuses for not knowing how to do your laundry and have at least a few basic meal recipes you can make for yourself.

I understand even financially some people still need to live with their parents at 25, but not knowing how to keep yourself maintained and contribute to your family on basic cleaning and cooking tasks is not acceptable.”

10. It’ll help.

“Not going to therapy. Bro, I promise it will help.

Man to man, you need to address what’s going on in your brain. That s**t with your parents, your ex, the anger you have inside that comes out when you’re d**nk….dog you aren’t broken, you just need someone to help you untangle that s**t.

Do you really want to be this stressed and alone in your 30s, dude? You don’t even have to tell anyone you’re going, dog. Just go.”

11. Just say no…to drama.

“Interpersonal drama.

If you don’t get along with Jessica in marketing, or feel the urge to fight your significant other’s sidepiece, then you’re acting like a child and you need to grow the f**k up.

At 25 years old, you can choose who you associate with. If everyone in your social circle is an a**hole, then move to a different social circle. Be friends with people who go to work, pay their bills, abide by laws, and don’t lie to their romantic partners.

If you’re hanging out with drug dealers, drug addicts, cheaters and bums, then you’re just asking for drama.

If you’re willfully spending time with drama queens, it’s because you’re a drama queen too. Grow up.”

12. Doesn’t matter.

“Worrying what other people think.

It was such a great day when I realized I didn’t have to keep seeking ambiguous approval from random people.

Sure, there’s people whose opinions I value, but as for the general public, I don’t have to try and appease some “norms” and I can relax into being myself.”

13. Yup.

“Too young to d**.

And too old to eat off the kids menu.

What a stupid age.”

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