I guess this probably goes for all human beings, but it’s definitely a big turn-off for me when women are willfully ignorant and proud of it.


I just don’t get it and it immediately causes me to do a U-Turn.

But enough about me…

What are your biggest turn-offs when it comes to women?

Men shared their thoughts on AskReddit.

1. All about them.

“Being very very insecure, to the point where you can’t take a compliment, and everything that anyone does becomes about you.”

2. Weird stuff.

“I personally can’t stand filters.

I’ve had enough of the Disney eyes and the puppy ears.”

3. Totally.

“Being unkind …..

To waiters

Homeless people.

And entitlement.”

4. Rude.

“Start tik-toking while we’re hanging out.

Look, I can respect you wanting to have fun and whatnot, but if we’re out hiking and you start posing and duck-facing for 20 minutes but never actually stop to appreciate the nature around you, then we’re done.

You’re missing the point, you’re addicted and need help.”

5. Playing games.

“Playing mind games is a huge turn-off, especially those that border on gaslighting and demoralizing the guy.

For example, ghosting him for a while, then responding as if nothing’s wrong to essentially dangle a carrot in front of him, then pulling it away.”

6. Unforgiveable.

“Being terrible to animals.

If you have a pet, you have a responsibility. It’s not just an accessory.”

7. Clueless.

“Not putting the shopping cart back in the cart area, or just generally being oblivious to your surroundings and not caring about how you affect others.”

8. Classy!

“I was at a bar once and offered to buy a girl I was friends with and interested in a drink.

She responded with “Why would you do that? I could get any man in here to buy me a drink.”

Suffice it to say we are no longer friends.”

9. Big mouth.

“I slept with this girl one time on the first date.

And the very next day she had already told everyone we mutually knew (mostly work), INCLUDING THE BOSSES that we f**ked last night and that I was her boyfriend. This was without consulting me first. I ghosted her and quit that job immediately.

So yeah, that. Don’t do that.”

10. Wasting time.

“Playing “hard to get”.

Honey, we’re both in our mid thirties.

Can we stop that bulls**t and not waste our time?”

11. We all know it…

“For me it’s women that speak in that way where they end every sentence with the inflection like a question…”

12. Sounds like a bore.

“Having no interests.

Like, I know men have to make up for how we look by being interesting but liking Cardi B is not a hobby.”

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