We’re all green at some point, right?

When you’re young and all you can think about is boys or girls but you still haven’t ever actually had any experience in that department…you know what I’m talking about?

Well, today we’re gonna take a nice trip down Memory Lane!

Men took to AskReddit to talk about what surprised them when they first saw a woman naked.

Let’s take a look…

1. Hey, it was the ’80s.

“I was confronted with a beautiful fire engine red unruly early 1980s bush.

I was struck paralyzed.

For a few seconds at least…”

2. A changed man.

“B**bs being so much more glorious than I had dreamed.

I was never really a b**b man until that day.”

3. How low can you go?

“How low the v**ina is.

The first time we 22M and 23F did anything was more memorable (sadly) than I thought it would be. I was so frustrated because I couldn’t get it in.

I got frustrated and my body showed that. So that was cool.”

4. In awe.

“How absolutely beautiful they are.

No matter the shape and size everything is perfect and beautiful.”

5. Figured it out.

“I’m pretty sure I thought “hmm gross, I don’t like that and I’m pretty sure I’m into dudes”.

I’ve identified as gay for the past 5 years or so.”

6. All kinds.

“The first time I saw inverted nipples I guess I made a really confused look and that got brought up 3 years later in an argument.

Made that poor girl super self conscious because I just didn’t know there were nipples with no summit.”

7. Definitely satisfied.

“Her SIZE don’t matter.

When the lights are low and in the moment, It’s all about how you make her feel and vice versa.

Age don’t matter either. I banged a freaking hot 40 year old. 5 years older than me. Best s** ever! Every fantasy fulfilled!

Experience does matter! Don’t discriminate if you mutually feel it!”

8. Not your thing.

“That they can have hairy legs or armpits.

This can be a mood changer if you are not into that type of thing.”

9. Sorry!

“What surprised me most was how loud my friend’s older sister was capable of screaming.

Wasn’t even my fault.

She was walking, naked, across the landing as we were headed up the stairs to my friend’s bedroom.”

10. It’s right there.

“How easy it was to find the cl**oris. Like, it’s right there.

Jokes and media made it sound like it was this hard to find hidden little button.

But like… It’s easier to find than the actual v**ina.”

11. Glad you got over it.

“I was grossed out the first time I saw a v**ina.

I got over it, though.”

12. DONE.

“The very first time I saw a woman naked, in person, was surprised at how fast I nutted.

I swear the character Jim from American Pie was the story of my awkward teenage life.”

What did you think the first time you saw a naked woman?

Talk to us in the comments and let us know.

Thanks in advance!