Family Feud is more than just a game show, it’s an institution. Did you know that it’s been on the air for over forty years? In that time it’s had six different hosts, seven different announcers, and has aired an astonishing 2,300+ episodes. That’s a lot of material for memes, right there.

Since you and I don’t have all day, here are just twelve.

12. Color blind

Orange you glad I didn’t say something real?

11. What’s your rush?

They are the main attraction of any tourist visit.

10. Chitter chatter

How high is this lady, for real?

9. Toe to toe

She looks so proud. Like she’s really putting her foot down about this.

8. Bon apatite!

Look man, we love England, but it’s um…not exactly known for its cuisine.

7. Potato potato

She was just doing her best Samwise Gamgee impression.

6. Ratting around

You live a very adventurous life, ma’am.

5. No way Jose

Hey man, spelling is jard.

4. Breaking in

It’s the best security system there is.

3. Push my button

I don’t think a lot of men would volunteer that information.

2. The who?

Silly ol’ Willy ol’ stuffed with fluff…

1. This just in

They’re both so very proud.

Here’s hoping Family Feud just keeps going forever, so we can keep getting fresh memes.

If you were on the Feud, what would your strategy be?

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