Family Feud is one of those shows that almost feels like it was designed to produce memes. And so it has – for many years.

The question/answer format they use is also the perfect structure for a lot of jokes, so sometimes it’s hard to tell which memes are captions of things that actually happened on the show, and which are just invented lulz.

Honestly, I don’t really care, because it’s funny either way.

Like in these twelve classic examples!

12. See ya later

He’s not technically wrong, I guess?

11. Junk in the trunk

I mean, it’s not illegal, but it would definitely raise a lot of questions.

10. Suit’s on

I don’t wanna work in any office that wouldn’t allow this.

9. Close your eyes

I keep reading this and I keep getting further and further from understanding it.

8. Just a hare off

That would honestly be way more impressive than the normal trick.

7. Hello Jell-O

I think this one is faked. I truly hope this one is faked.

6. Just the Pitts

How um…how do you know that, Paul?

5. Big daddy

At least that’s what I call him.

4. Dead ringer

A key component to literally any physical object.

3. Buyer’s remorse

They say you can’t buy happiness, but I guess this guy found a way.

2. Sharp wit

It’s about time they got some recognition.

1. Time of the month

I had no idea April was such a popular sexy time.

If I ever get on Family Feud, I won’t even be trying to win. I will give each answer with a singular purpose: to join the ranks of the memes.

If you could be on any game show, which would you choose?

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