It kind of blows my mind when I see what some extremely wealthy people spend their money on.

Do you really need THAT many cars?

And, speaking of cars, those are the ones you chose to buy?!?!

People are strange…

And that brings us to today’s topic: let’s see what people say they’d NEVER buy even if they had a lot of cash!

1. What’s the point?


I can’t get over how overpriced they are. With just as good and more beautiful cheaper alternatives like moissanite available, what’s the point?

People just spend money on diamonds to spend money.”

2. One is enough.

“Multiple houses.

I’m gonna find a nice one for me and my family with a great view, and that’s it until we decide to move.

I’m not buying 20 houses in seven countries simply because I have the money to do so.”

3. Fancy cars.

“A new high-end sports car like a Ferrari or Porsche.

You could spend a million on one, but when you drive it out of the dealership, it’ll instantly shrink significantly in value. I work for a company where the managing director did exactly that. Sold a business and treated himself to a top-end Ferrari.

He was distraught when he sold it a year or two later and got something like a tenth of what he paid for it.”

4. Seems kinda dumb.

“Ludicrously expensive booze.

You get diminishing returns starting around the $50–$60 mark, and there’s not really anything worth it past $100.”

5. Wait a while.

“New technology at release.

Overpriced and under-tested tech that’ll eventually be improved upon and lower-priced soon? Yeah, no.”

6. Way over the top.

“A ridiculously large house.

Why do you need 20 bedrooms and 17 bathrooms?

It must cost so much money to run a house like that too!

I’d rather have a smaller place that actually feels like a home.”

7. Is there any difference?

“Basic clothes from high-end retailers that are identical to clothes sold at lower-end ones.

Often times they get stock from the same wholesalers. Maybe if there was a large leap in quality.”

8. What’s that for?

“A Rolex or any expensive watch really.

Seems obscene to have someone’s annual salary on your wrist to tell time when most everyone has a clock on their phone.”

9. Ugh.

“Designer baby clothes. I was buying my daughter shoes today, and there were tables for Gucci, Burberry, etc. shoes for kids.

It’s pretty gross.

$450 for a pair of sneakers your kid is going to outgrow in four months just so people can see the Fendi pattern?


10. Don’t do it.

“Exotic animals.

I worked with rehabilitated poached animals, and I can tell you that anyone who owns tigers, primates, or what have you, got them from a place that euthanizes ‘extra’ animals (including those cute cubs that you can pet), or they’re pretty directly involved in poaching from the wild. The animals are never treated right.”

11. Not gonna happen.

“I’m still sneaking my own snacks into the movie theater.

That stuff is so overpriced!”

12. Why?

“The polishing cloth that Apple started selling for $20.

No way.”

What would you never buy even if you had a lot of money?

Sound off in the comments and let us know what you think.

Please and thank you!