Life is tough and there are certain realities that you have to accept about it.

Chances are good that you’re not going to be famous, or rich, or a great athlete…

So it’s better to just get on with life and focus on the things you can be good at!

But still, it can be hard to come to grips with some things…

What have you finally accepted about life?

Here’s what AskReddit users had to say.

1. The law life.

“One of the biggest things I had to accept when I became a lawyer is that often times two or more different people aren’t lying when they describe different versions of a singular event, they’re recounting their perception/recollection/interpretation of different versions of that event, which can wildly vary from one another.

Everyone can be telling the truth and have a different story about the same event, especially because of how fallible memory is and how we tend to skew our view of events based on our biases and preconceptions and other factors like being inclined to favour ourselves and disfavour people we dislike, as well of course because people only know their own mind and not other people’s.

Of course just because nobody in a given case may be actively or intentionally lying doesn’t mean that everybody’s version of events is equally reliable or credible in determining what actually happened or that everybody’s version of events or everybody’s case has equal legal standing and merit.

They very rarely do. Usually someone’s version of events is more skewed and more inaccurate than others, if not in terms of memory then in terms of how it relates to the law.”

2. Don’t expect much.

“Never expect anything from others unless you have a signed agreement with them (and even then they can break it).

Doing good things to others doesn’t make them owe you anything, and half of the time the people that don’t do the same to you are not just bad, they might simply forget about it or don’t notice.”

3. The way it goes.

“Not everyone is my friend.

And not everyone will like me.”

4. You do you.

“That I don’t have to justify my decisions to people.

If it makes me happy and has a purpose for my life that’s good enough for me.”

5. Losin’ it.

“I’m balding.

I started going bald at 23. I had at least some hair for a long while but finally decided I’d look better bald than trying to make it look like I’m not.

I kind of like it.”

6. Make the most of it.

“That life is unfair and you just have to continue having the will to live and make the most out of what you’ve got.’

7. Explore it.

“Suppressing my anger was not a good idea.

If you’re angry it might be for a reason and you should explore it.”

8. Listen to the Captain.

“Captain Jean-Luc Picard : “It is possible to commit no mistakes and still lose. That is not a weakness. That is life.””

9. Good one.

“Work is what you do for money.

Time is what you spend.”

10. Here’s the deal.

“I think one of the hardest things for the average teenager to get over is that the vast majority of friends you have in school will no longer play a role in your life as an adult, but that’s not always a bad thing either.

I say though that, no matter your age, enjoy the good things in life while they’re happening because everything changes at one point or another.”

11. Can’t force it.

“That I can’t make people love me.

Doesn’t matter how much I love someone if they don’t love me back.”

12. Just relax.

“There will always be someone that doesn’t like you, no matter what, even if you do everything right, they’ll always think you did it wrong.

So don’t try to please everyone and relax.”

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