I think I know what I want in life

A house with a pool!

Oh, to be able to float around all day…what a glorious life…

But enough about me…what do you want in life?

People shared their thoughts.

1. LOVE.

“To feel like somebody actually loves and cares about me.

Not because they have to but because they really love me for who I am.”

2. Keep trying.

“My anxiety to go away forever.

Which is never gonna happen.”

3. Need to branch out.

“I just want a f**king life.

Just to get out more, meet more people, go places.

I just want to live more I guess.”

4. Good luck to you!

“As an aspiring author. I’d just like for more people to read my work and enjoy themselves.

I think most artists want to make and bring more joy to the world. I want to be able to do that, bring smiles to people’s faces and make their fantasies come true on the page or screens.

Make the world just a little better and happier if only for a little bit.”

5. Show me the money.

“$250,000 would put my last kid through college, pay off a few loose ends, and let me cruise to retirement in 4 years.”

6. Let’s see ’em!

“Punishment for everyone who committed fraud connected to PPP loans in the US.

I prefer if the stockade was brought back as part of the punishment.”

7. Out of control right now.

“The ability to buy some form of home where I live.

I’m sick of throwing equity down the drain, but it’s always just out of reach.”

8. What’s my purpose?

“To just be told what I’m actually good at, a real job and career, where I fit and can be myself, work as I naturally work best, fulfill my purpose; to having to live in an endless cycle of applying for jobs that I’m not sure exist.

I’m ready to get off the treadmill.”

9. Sounds good.

“A private, quiet, private writing space that people can use to write their reports/complaints/therapy writing about crimes, abuse, or trauma.

Program would also offer time with a counselor, writing coach, maybe legal assistance.”

10. A better world.

“For things to be better.

Poverty, hunger, war, depression, r**ism, gross propaganda and fake news and fear mongering from media, every other f**ked up thing in the world.

I h**e all of it. I want things to be better for everyone.”

11. You’re gonna be fine.

“I want to be financially stable/comfortable one day and hope to have a job that I like.

I just graduated college and I just feel so lost with where I’m going next. I put all my graduation funds in a savings and am currently just working part time. I’m enjoying my freedom but I’m so anxious about starting my life.

I feel like I’m not cut out for this life. I’m just nervous and want to know that everything will be okay.”

12. Had enough of it.

“I want genuine healthy wholesome love and partnership.

I want to stop being attracted to unavailable people.”

What do you want in life?

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Thanks in advance!