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And we’re gonna get it from folks on AskReddit who are going to fill you in about signs that you’re DEFINITELY being cheated on.

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1. That’s fishy.

“When she tells you she’s having dinner with her brother… while you’re having dinner with her brother.”

2. Gaslighting.

“You come home exhausted from work and your partner accuses you of cheating.”

3. What?!?!

“Your dog vomits another woman’s underwear.

This s**t is real…

Worked at vet office when husband drops off sick Labrador. Surgery is needed for dogs digestive tract.

Wife picks up dog later that day and we hand her a ziplock bag containing 3 pieces of ladies panties. Wife says “these aren’t mine.””

4. That came out of nowhere.

“When they accuse you of accusing them of cheating – and that has nothing to do with the conversation.

At all.”

5. No doubt about it.

“I had suspicions that my ex was cheating on me for months.

One night she invites me out (half hearted invite) to go drinking with her “girlfriends”. I decline as I wanted her to have her own friends outside of our relationship.

She’s all happy and humming (something she never did before). She takes a shower then I see she’s getting all dolled up like I haven’t seen in years. Not only that but she’s wearing her sexiest underwear, the stuff she wore to signal she was horny.

I simply say “Why are you wearing that?” and she says “It’s just what I grabbed”.

So I said “You know what? Give me a few minutes to get ready, I think I will go out with you tonight”.

She had a complete meltdown. Starts accusing me of accusing her of cheating, of not trusting her and hurting her feelings. Of course I was a fool and let her play me and I end up apologizing.

But I knew.

However, things went down and all knowledge of that kind of left my mind until years after she had left me and I remembered all that shit (and other stuff).

Yeah, she was cheating, I’ve no doubt about it.”

6. Shut down.

“When they become cagey about things they’re normally open about.

Have known a couple people who did this. Very open, liked to talk about their entire day, would answer near any question.

Then suddenly they’d be out on a night with their friend/s and the details of the night could be summed up in a couple words or there’d be odd gaps in the story while they remember and try to sort through it all.”

7. “Business trip”.

“When he returned from a “business trip”, his checked bag was missing.

I was picking him up from the airport like usual and he didn’t want me to go with him to file a baggage claim. Something seemed dicey so I checked his flight number.

He wasn’t coming from Seattle like he stated, but from Massachusetts. I went in his backpack and found a stub for a whale-watching trip that confirmed it. Then I found a second cell phone. Spidey Sense is always reliable.”

8. Hmmm…

“She’s having migraines all the time and John Redcorn, a spiritual healer, has not been able to correct them with 3 to 5 weekly sessions over 12 years.”

9. Now you know.

“When my husband cheated, it was definitely the phone. He was hiding it at night when he’d go to bed.

Also, wouldn’t ever let me go to work related get togethers that the other spouses would attend.”

10. Gotcha!

“Here’s a fun one courtesy of my dad and his second wife: when the tire tread pattern on the fresh snow in your driveway matches the uncommon tires on your brother-in-law’s new work vehicle.”

11. Not buying it.

“When they suddenly start taking extra interest in their appearance and getting in shape by “going for walks” even up to 10 pm by the time they return and they don’t answer your worried calls because “they had music on with headphones”.

And when you ask them why they didn’t answer it’s because “they didn’t hear the calls come in” despite you having the exact same phone and know that the incoming calls cut over the music.”

12. Turning it around on you.

“My ex used to get so angry if I walked in the door and went to pee right away. I drive an hour home from work due to traffic. Having to pre is not abnormal.

He made it a thing. The bathroom was right inside the door, and he would be at the other end of the house. Apparently going into the bathroom before seeing him was equivalent to me washing off the scent of my lover.

Every time he accused me of anything, looking back, that’s exactly what he was guilty of.”

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