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AITA for inviting my brother’s wife and their kids but not his girlfriend and their daughter on family vacations?

“I’m usually the person in the family who plans family vacations. My brother is still married to his wife but she kicked him out after he got his girlfriend pregnant.

I love my sister-in-law and she’ll always be family to me no matter what happens between her and my brother so I’ve always invited her and her children to our family vacations, and I plan to continue doing so. My parents also invite her to all of our other family events and have made it clear to my brother his girlfriend isn’t welcome.

My brother has never said anything about it but his girlfriend is angry that her and her daughter have been continuously excluded for the last 3 years.

Her entire argument is that her daughter is getting old enough to understand that her siblings are favoured over her and it isn’t fair so I have to stop excluding them, especially since she isn’t going anywhere and her daughter is our family too.

Our next vacation is planned for February and she’s demanding I invite them but I’ve said no as I don’t want to make my sister-in-law uncomfortable since it seems like she’s finally stopped wanting a divorce and being angry with my brother.


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