I’m gonna be 100% honest with you: I don’t want to have kids because I really, truly just don’t think it’s for me.

At all.

On any level.

But to each their own, right?

Why do you not want to have kids?

Check out how AskReddit users answered this question.

1. Not gonna happen.

“I’m certainly not gonna use a person’s life for my own amusement since I know I wouldn’t be able to give the best to the child.”

2. Good point.

“People are always surprised, because I love kids and I’m great with them, but kids of my own would be too much. I think I could be a good mom, but I don’t think I could be a good mom and a happy person at the same time, so I’m not gonna do that to myself or to any potential kids.”

3. Went back and forth.

“I spent the last several years going from “I’m not really sure that I want kids” to “I don’t want kids”.

When I got together with family back in July, my sister’s kids (4 and 5) were there. They’re not “bad” kids, by any stretch, but after spending a week with them, I decided to take the plunge and get a vasectomy. I spent another week and a half with them around Christmas, and it pretty much just confirmed to me that I can’t deal with raising kids of my own.

Some of it was also just doing the math and thinking to myself that even having kids at the earliest possible time, I’d still be over 40 before the kid’s even entering grade school. I’d be in my mid 50s when they enter college. That feels way too f**king old to me.

I videochat with my sister’s kids every week, and read them books. When my brother’s kid is old enough, I’ll be happy to do the same for them. But that’s maybe 1-3 hours per week of commitment, which is about my limit of patience.”

4. I’ll be a helper.

“I’m more than happy helping out with my sister’s and friend’s kids, and trying to be as positive a male role model as I can be for them.

I just don’t think I should have my own as I don’t believe I could be the dad I think every child deserves.”

5. Been there, done that.

“I grew up with a brother 10 years younger than I am. Went from changing his diapers to teaching him how to mod minecraft.

Left to go to college. I call him nearly every night, and we still watch anime and play video games together theough discord calls.

I already had my kid. Hes called my little brother. Just wish I understood my family’s financial situation sooner.”

6. A big reason.

“It’s not the only reason, but one fear I’ve had is a special needs kid that would require constant care for the rest of my life.”

7. A gamble.

“Man do I despise gambling, and having a kid is like gambling.

I h**e that there is a chance that kid could be born with illness/deformities.

There are other reasons but this one takes first place.”

8. Don’t pass it on.

“I struggle with anxiety and anger issues and I wouldn’t want to pass that on to my child or have them have to grow up dealing with my anxieties and anger episodes.

I just couldn’t do it and it wouldn’t be fair to them. Plus it’s real expensive. I’d rather have a life of peace and quiet and travel to figure myself out. To the moms: you guys are tough saints.”

9. The big reason.

“My little bro has autism and is a big part of why I’m not having kids.

I honestly don’t know how my mom does it.”

10. Hesitating.

“It’s one of my big hesitations.

My older sister became permanently disabled and handicapped during childhood after being completely normal and healthy. I saw the toll that took on my parents.

It also makes it impossible to provide equal care and attention to your healthy child(ren).”

11. Already helped out.

“13 year age gap with my youngest sibling with a significant amount of other siblings sprinkled in the middle.

I’m closer to his parent than a sibling. Its not my only reason by far but after spending my childhood as a parent why would I rush into more?”

12. A good arrangement.

“I’ve got nieces and nephews and I love interacting with them and teaching them stuff.

And then when they start crying or acting out or I just get tired, I can give them back. I like this arrangement best.”

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