Are y’all ready to get shocked?

And creeped out?

I sure hope so!

Because we’re about to hear from AskReddit users about creepy facts about our bodies.

Let’s see what they had to say.

1. A mind of its own.

“The front of your tongue is curious, constantly patrolling, and autonomous.

It chases the dentist around your mouth and you aren’t even aware of it.

So embarrassing and weird/creepy.”

2. Digestion.

“The pancreas is able to secrete enzymes that digest food in a very effective manner.

That also means that if said pancreatic enzymes happen to spill out into a place in your body where they’re not supposed to be (e.g. from some forms of direct trauma to the bile ducts) they’ll digest your insides.”

3. A lot going on in there.

“The intestines are covered by a double “fleece” of peritoneum. See it like a blanket.

When your intestines get damaged for whatever reason, this blanket starts moving out of itself and crawling upwards towards the place which has the injury.

It will stay there until the injury is recovered and then move on again.”

4. FYI.

“When you get laser tattoo removal the ink doesn’t disappear, you pee it out.

Your body’s immune system breaks down the pigments of ink and it flows in your blood stream, gets processed through your kidneys, then you pee out the ink.”

5. Random.

“Sometimes there are just random extra muscles.

You can go your entire life with out even knowing it. I’ve worked as a mortician and the MEs would tell me about some cases like this.

Also, just random tumors, even when the individual had never been diagnosed. Lastly, skin sounds like saran wrap when peeled from the body.”

6. I did not know that!

“The liver can grow parts of itself back.

If you get a splinter or foreign object stuck in your skin you can hold a flashlight against your skin and shine the light through your flesh, and the foreign object will be a dark spot.

Light actually passes through our flesh quite well. Also, if you shine a bright enough light into your mouth you can see the light in your own eyes.”

7. Disgusting.

“We ate our own hair while inside the womb.

“Babies eat the lanugo (called as the foetus’ hair) that they shed while in the womb, and it builds up within them to form the substance that makes up their first poop, known as meconium.””

8. Scary.

“In really bad cases of endometriosis, uterine tissue (the lining of the uterus, i.e. the blood and ‘stuff’ shed during a period) can grow throughout the entire body.

Colon, bladder, chest, even the head/brain in rare cases. It’s incredibly painful, since it still tries to ‘shed’ like a normal period but has nowhere to go.

It can only be confirmed via surgery, since it doesn’t show up on most ultrasounds/MRI scans.”

9. OMG.

“A pregnant female corpse will build up enough gas to expel the fetus even after d**th.

Look up coffin birth.”

10. Blind spots.

“Your brain makes s**t up constantly.

Like with vision—you have “blind spots” throughout your vision that your brain just fills in with things (through repetition and familiar spaces and things, etc) that it’s predicting is normal.

Your brain—on a very frequent basis—is just winging it when it comes to what you’re actually seeing.”

11. Placebo effect.

“The fact that the placebo effect even exists suggests that the brain does have some capacity to force the body to resolve diseases, and this has never been fully explained.

Scientists are still exploring how this ability works and if it can be developed further.”

12. Thanks for the tip.

“The inside of your cheek and your rectum are lined by the same type of tissue.

Go ahead. Feel.

Cheek first preferably.”

Do you know some creepy facts about the human body?

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