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I had a HUGE crush on a girl in one of my college classes…until I saw her sing karaoke at a bar one night…


That was the end of that crush!

And now it’s time to hear from AskReddit users about what made them lose interest in a crush.

Take a look!

1. True colors.

“We had been going out for a few weeks and on the way home from a party, we went to get McDonalds and he paid for me.

I have an allergy and they got my order wrong. I asked and it wasn’t a problem, they made me a new burger and told me to keep the incorrect one as they couldn’t resell it.

I offered it to him, he didn’t want it so I said I would just bring it home to give to my housemate so it wouldn’t go to waste. He was completely fine with this.

Then a homeless guy came in and started asking at the tables for change. I offered him the burger and he took it.

My date went crazy at me for giving away the burger that he had paid for (even though he was okay with me giving it to my housemate?) and followed the homeless man, shouting at him to give it back. Then got the guy kicked out of the restaurant.

It was terrifying. He went from easy-going and charming to furious in a split second. Then when he sat down again, he acted like everything was normal and asked me if I wanted to go home with him!

It was a side of him I hadn’t seen before. I’m glad he showed his true colors early.”

2. Gross.

“This girl I had a crush on early on in high school told me that she recently broke up with her last BF because his dad passed away suddenly, and, as she put it, “wouldn’t stop being depressed and a f**king crybaby about it”.

I didn’t talk to her much again after she said that.”

3. That sucks.

“Told me that the reason she hung around me was to get close to my very tall best friend.

They dated for three weeks before he dumped her.”

4. Ohhhh…

“She mentioned her last name. I recognized it. Haha. It’s probably a good thing. Found out her grandmother was my grandfather’s older sister.

It worked out ok. We were on a double date sorta deal with her friend and my friend. We found that out pretty early in the night.

We literally laughed our a**es off for 15 minutes, making in**st jokes and traded dates. I ended up dating her friend for about 4 years.”

5. Reading is stupid.

“She came over to my house, saw my full bookshelf, and went on a long rant about how reading and books were all pointless.

Not just the books I picked, which maybe I could have been fine with as opinions differ, but every single book was worthless and I was wasting my time reading.

It was a really new relationship and I broke up with her then and there. God the “you’re really breaking up with me over books?” line and said “absolutely”.”

6. Rude.

“Back in high school this guy and I had a mutual crush on each other.

One day during lunch we went to a local park with a group of friends. I was wearing the school uniform kilt and was sitting, talking with a friend when I felt something poke me in the thigh and then laughing. He and his friends were poking me to “watch the fat jiggle” while they d**d laughing.

Was instantly disgusted by him and I don’t remember his name or face to this day.”

7. No filter.

“Turns out she had absolutely no filter.

She took pride in “saying what was on her mind”, which was kind of cute at first, until I realized that she literally meant it, every thought in her head spewed out of her mouth no matter who could hear it.

Not a day went by where she didn’t get into an argument with someone over some insensitive or insulting comment that she made. She was the female embodiment of Larry David in Curb Your Enthusiasm.”

8. We’re done.

“We talked about exes, she mentioned how she should have cheated on him because he was boring to be with.

Yeah I’m out…”

9. Playing games.

“I figured out he was dating me and 2 other girls and playing each other against us.

One night at a party one of the other girls wanted to fight. Honestly I was d**nk and tired and was getting in my friends car to leave when she tried to start a fight with me over him.

I just said tell your friends we got in a fight and you won. Also, you can have him. I got in the car and went home to bed. That was the day I decided I would never fight over a guy. If he wants to be with me he will be with me.”

10. F that.

“Met a girl on a dating app. She wanted to meet at a club near me.

I suggested coffee but whatever. Show up and she’s talking to a guy. Say hi. Learn she invited us both to see which she’d prefer and watch us compete.

We both say, “f**k that.” I buy him a beer and we both go back over to my friends and hang out. Cool dude.”

11. Not cool.

“He was rude and dismissive to my little brother. I know little brothers can be annoying but he (brother, 13) wasn’t being nosy or disrespectful.

He just wanted to know if my crush liked video games. I’m also really close to my siblings and wanted them to be included. The next boyfriend I had/now husband spent hours teaching my little brother to play old school star craft and to this day 6 years later they still play video games together at least once a week.

Upgrades, people.”

12. Hurtful.

“When I was 17 at my first year at uni I made friends with a girl in my year, it wasn’t like instant crush but she was funny and I grew to like her.

One day we were going home after classes together (turns out we lived pretty close to each other) chatting and joking. And at one moment she says: “I really like talking to you just about anything, I would have jumped you right now if you weren’t so ugly.”

I was a really awkward teenager: severely underweight, skin problems and some other complexes. On top of that very introverted – so it outright k**led my remained self-esteem.

Thing is that she actually didn’t realized effect of her words, it was like a passing comment to her and wasn’t said with malicious intent. That fact actually made these words even more hurtful.”

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