Getting behind the wheel of a car is no joke, folks!

And, in addition to all the stuff you hopefully learn in Driver’s Ed class, there are unwritten rules you need to keep in mind.

And AskReddit users were nice enough to share what they think new drivers need to know.

Let’s take a look!

1. Yes.

“Try to give other drivers as much information as possible.

Always use your turn signals, even in a turn lane.

People have no way of knowing if you’re actually about about to turn or not.”

2. Good advice.

“When I first passed my test, my dad said to me “assume that everyone is a terrible driver who is trying to k**l you.””

3. It’s scary out there.

“Keep your cool.

I was a passenger during a road rage incident and the other car was shooting at the car I was in. Luckily, neither of us were hit.

I’m still afraid of being in a car sometimes.”

4. Please!

“Put your blinker on before you start to brake.

Nothing drives me nuts like people who come to a full stop on a one lane road, and then put the blinker on while we wait for passing traffic.”

5. Listen to Mom.

“Always leave yourself a way out …

My mom taught me this as we lived near a rough neighborhood.

Keep enough space between you and the car infront for you to get the f**k out of there.”

6. Try to keep up.

“Merging onto a highway/interstate should be a very active process.

Try to match the speed of traffic and fit into an open slot.

Don’t slow down to a crawl and wait for a wide berth.”

7. Be aware.

“Always know what’s around you! Know what cars are behind you or in the lane next to you.

That way, if you feel you have to change lanes quickly you know whether you can or can’t.”

8. Safety first.

“Green means legal, not safe.

Assume everyone is a moron trying to crash into you.”

9. This right here!

“Don’t be nice, be predictable.

What this means is, don’t slam on your brakes to let someone else go, drive predictably.”

10. Your problem.

“Sometimes you have to go around the block.

DO NOT attempt unusual maneuvers to save a couple minutes (reversing on the highway, crossing several lanes to catch a missed turn, etc.)

Like – YOU missed the turn, that’s a YOU problem, don’t make problems for others.”

11. Ugh!

“For the love of god…

Turn off your brights when you’re behind someone else!”

12. Defense!

“Drive defensively.

Going into a ditch (at an angle so you don’t plow head on into dirt or rocks) or going off the road is generally preferable to a head on collision at high speed.

At all costs avoid a head on with a large vehicle like a dump truck or transport truck. It’s almost certainly going to be fatal for you.”

Do you have any rules to add to this?

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