The human body is complex.

And fascinating.


And today we’re going to get creepy with body facts from folks on AskReddit.

Take a look and prepare to shudder!

1. They know.

“Your intestines “know” what shape they’re supposed to be in, and can move themselves, which means gut surgeons can just stuff them back into you when they’re done and they’ll sort themselves out.”

2. Thanks for that.

“3-4 inches of the pe**s is inside the body.

When you are thrusting you are also thrusting yourself.”

3. Wow.

“The brain will always/usually try to ensure it’s survival.

If knocking you out does so, then you will faint for the safety of the brain.”

4. Yikes!

“Saponification (the same process that happens when making soap) can happen after d**th and make you look like you’re made of soap or wax.

There’s chemical changes that turns body fat into adipocere, which is a waxy substance. It preserves the body and you’ll forever be a soap person.”

5. Let that sink in.

“Human skin is overlaid with a pattern called Blaschko’s Lines, stripes covering the body from head to toe.

The stripes run up and down your arms and legs and hug your torso.

They wrap around the back of your head like a hood and across your face. You just can’t see them.”

6. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen.

“Allegedly, your immune system has no clue your eyes exist.

Effective tomorrow, if your immune system found out about your eyes it would treat them as a external threat, therefore try and neutralize your eye balls leaving you blind.”

7. Phantom.

“Phantom pain, when someone has their limb cut off, sometimes they can feel pain in the non-existing limb thats because sensory nerves that rely information to the brain, although cut short, are still active.

So sensation from that limb are still felt if those nerves got provoked.”

8. Creepy.

“Bodies will move as they’re coming out of rigor.

I’ve been bumped by a  few. I’m a coroner.

Bodies can also make sounds as the remaining air and gas leaves… 2 am in the morgue and I thought I was in COD zombies”

9. Without warning.

“Brain aneurysm.

About 1 to 2% of the world population will go through an aneurysm during their lifetime, and a small portion of these people will d** from a rupture.

The worst part? It has no boundaries. Literally anyone can get one at any time and just d**.”

10. Ugh!

“Every so often I remember that cysts can sometimes contain hair and/or teeth and then I become incredibly uncomfortable.”

11. The tongue knows.

“Your tongue has incredible tactile capabilities.

So much so, that if you look at any object, you can vividly imagine what it would feel like to lick it.

Go ahead, look at the wall, your shirt, your shoe—the tongue knows.”

12. That’s terrible.

“When you d**, your hearing is the last to go.

So imagine you d** in a fire or in a war or something and the last thing you hear is like screaming and chaos.”

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