I know my immediate answer to this…

How about FREE health care for everyone?!?!

What a concept, right?

But we all know that isn’t gonna happen in the U.S. anytime soon…

So all we can do is deal with it for now…

What would you make free for everyone if you had the power?

Here’s how AskReddit users answered that question.

1. For real.

“Proper sanitation.

Like clean drinking water, bathing water and flushing toilets.”

2. Yes!

“Comprehensive healthcare that would also include free medication, and since malnutrition is already a disease you can word this such that food will be free as well.

3. That’s definitely true.


Because there are entirely too many ignorant people on this planet.”

4. That would be nice.

“Basic housing: floors, walls, ceilings and a roof, running water, working drains, electricity, heat and air conditioning, cooking facilities, refrigeration, etc.”

5. Good point.

“Everyone is focused on helping people in their day-to-day lives.

Free clean energy would help the planet long-term.”

6. Come on already…

“Eye glasses/contacts and period products. we can’t help the fact that we’re blind as F and women can’t help the fact that they menstruate.

That s**t should be free.”

7. Get moving.


If moving things from one place to another had no cost we could reduce the cost of everything else AND eliminate regional scarcity of most commodities.

We have enough resources to feed, hydrate, cloth, and shelter every human, but the logistics of getting those resources where they need to go are prohibitive.

Free transportation would get us most of the way to elevating everyone’s standard of living above the current median.”

8. The bare minimum.

“Basic food needs.

Everyone gets the bare minimum of what they need a day nutritionally (like an egg for the morning, a fruit as a snack, and something like a sandwich with all the fixings as a dinner).

Anything extra is a luxury and something you pay for.”

9. Gimme energy.


The vast majority of our problems can be reduced to the cost of energy. Fuel costs for travel, costs to power factories, costs to power equipment.

The availability of energy also affects everything. Energy wealthy locations can build cities, production facilities, and distribution hubs. Places where energy is costly and imported can rarely afford to build up.

Individually energy costs can seem low, but they are ubiquitous and are a huge portion of the cost of everything.”

10. Interesting.

“Washing machines.

The freedom this creates emancipates women and children mostly allowing them time to study, train, or work to gain independence.

Studies have repeatedly shown that in countries where washing machines are more common there is a greater equality of opportunity between men and women.”

11. Get smart.

“Higher education.

It is easier for a person to explain and understand the current problems of mankind.”

12. Everyone deserves it.

“The bare basic things that should be free are life necessities. Anyone in need should get free food, water, clothes, and some type of shelter.

It’s not that hard to give a homeless person a case of water per week, basic clothing, and some MRE’s and canned food.

And yes I know free housing for homeless is a huge problem and it takes time. But in the meantime they should at least get free tents and propane heaters for the winter time.

Basic life necessities food water clothing shelter EVERYONE deserves this at the very least.”

What would you make free for everyone?

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Thanks a lot!