I bought some cheap Ranch dressing at the grocery store a while back and let me tell you something…it was absolutely DISGUSTING.

Never again, I say!

And I learned a lesson that day: some things you just shouldn’t buy on the cheap.

Let’s hear from AskReddit users about what they think about this.

1. Good answer.

“I have to say towels.

Cheap ones don’t dry well or aren’t soft enough or both.

Those who’ve used standard issue military towels understand.”

2. Sounds good!


I used to burn through a cheap pair every few months until I got a nice pair.

Not only is the sound better but they have lasted me years with the replaceable parts.”

3. Comfort is key.


So many people in my life have told me to not spend money on shoes when I can, “buy the same thing at Walmart for 20 bucks.”

I finally started buying some more expensive shoes in my mid twenties, and I found that they’re more comfortable and last way longer than the 20 dollar Walmart alternatives.

If you have the money, invest in a good pair of shoes.”

4. Yup.

“Toilet paper.

Toilet paper so thin it disintegrates upon contact should be illegal.”

5. You bet!


Every time I moved in the past I did it myself, with the help of friends and family, got frustrated, sweated all day, tensions ran high — movers make it SO much easier.

It’s absolutely worth the extra expense. Your time and happiness are valuable. I’ll never go back.”

6. Comfy.

“Good quality, high thread count cotton sheets.

People with eczema can relate.”

7. The good stuff.

“Olive oil.

I’ve found the best olive oils in the USA are from California.

It’s fresher and less likely to be adulterated.”

8. You need a good one.

“A mattress.

I was super poor and slept on a used mattress I bought for $100 on CraigsList (no bedbugs, yay!) for many years.

A few years ago I dropped a grand on a new mattress and it was a surreal experience. I had no idea a bed could feel this comfortable.”

9. Clean it up.

“Vacuums/carpet cleaners

The cheap ones have awful suction, and are extremely prone to jams and wire tears. In my experience the cheap ones are a miserable experience to try to fix, I assume because most people won’t have a 60 dollar vacuum serviced.

Expensive vacuum? Designed not to break because if it does you’re definitely going to go back and use that warranty. Designed to be easily cleaned and serviced because they don’t want you doing warranty claims.

Have had a nice pet Dyson for over 10 years and it’s solid, very easy to service because all the parts are easily accessible and labeled.

Got a cheap Hoover and it di** after a year. Hair was bypassing their cr**py single stage filter and started to fry the motor, when I tried to self service imo it was intentionally hard to take apart and it appeared they cut a screw head off so I couldn’t access the motor without additional effort.”

10. Dangerous.


Something I’ve always known and wish I could get my friends to understand.

I don’t care how sh**ty your car is. Cheap tires are straight up dangerous.”

11. High-quality.

“A blender.

At 6am in the morning, a Danby will cause brain hemorrhaging due to the ballistic noises.

A Vitamix on the other hand…”

12. So satisfying…


After eating my first expensive chocolate bar, I knew there was nothing on earth that could make me eat those cheap over-sweet chocolate bars.”

What will you never buy the cheap version of?

Tell us all about it in the comments.

Please and thank you!