There are a whole lot of things I wish I was really good at: long-distance running, surfing, and skiing are the things that immediately come to mind.

But life moves fast and you don’t get to do everything you want…

What do you wish you were really good at?

Here’s how AskReddit users responded.

1. Looking for friends.

“Making friends.

Realized a few years ago that I haven’t made a friend in years and also had trouble keeping the ones I had due to neglecting.

Worst feeling.”

2. Get on it!

“Playing the piano or a guitar.

I am 56 there is no reason for me not to try.”

3. Love your work.

“Finding work that both satisfies my soul and pays handsomely. The quality of life is just so poor when you h**e your work.

And life sucks so bad when you are just scraping by money-wise. I’ve been seeking this holy grail my whole life. Still haven’t found it.”

4. Working on it.


I started dating an avid karaoke fan a few years ago. Between lots of repetition and her coaching, I improved from abjectly miserable to almost mediocre.

I think I’ve hit my ceiling though, LoL. Basically, I still suck.”

5. Can’t remember.

“Remembering things about other people.

I always forget birthdays or anniversaries and stuff so when it comes to doing anything meaningful for the people I love it’s often too late or half-a**ed.”

6. Not quite an artist.


I have all this cool s**t in my head; I can see the shading, the color, the angles and it looks so good but as soon as I put a pencil to paper it looks like very pointy hot garbage.”

7. Struggling.


I’m severely neurodivergent, and I just want to be able to handle things the way neurotypicals do.

I’m just so tired of being different.”

8. Keep studying.


Still I didn’t saw my parents my 2 terms of my report marks and I am sure I failed the 3rd term.”

9. Not too crafty.


I see my mom and sister make incredible things: wreaths, blankets, signs, jewelry, and I am so proud of them, but I do not have the patience or talent for such things.”

10. Get with the program.


I could make my own apps if I cant find a good one.”

11. Fun!


Something I’ve always thought was incredibly cool looking but never ever tried doing.”

12. Run for President!


I genuinely think I’m kind, mature and educated enough to replace these dumb politicians but don’t have enough political knowledge.”

13. Tone deaf.


I have the heart of a musician but cognitive capacity of a tone deaf toad (when it comes to music). I wish I could play music really well and understand time signatures and music theory.

I know it takes time and practice and I tried, I genuinely did, but it never sticks.”

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