Inflation is taking a toll on all of us these days and things that were previously normal can be considered luxuries…at least for now.

And until things get better, it is what it is.

Here’s what AskReddit users had to say about our current reality…

1. No retirement for you.

“Retirement strategy built-in to your job.

Imagine getting a good paying job and knowing you were going to do that job for 30 years, make enough to buy a home, raise a family, and then retire with enough money to pass down to your kids…”

2. That sucks.

“Activities! Carnivals, parks, festivals, ect.

Last time I went to a carnival it was $40 per person, more if you bought the ticket the day of. Renfaire here is over $60 for the entry fee. They were never cheap but they were affordable ways to interact with your local community and spend time with family/friends.

Now there isn’t really much you can do without a steep entry fee…”

3. Out of control.

“I went to Disney World a decade ago as a 20 something year old and it was affordable.

Now we’re looking at taking our kids and it’s something we have to seriously budget for even though we earn significantly more than we did in our 20s.”

4. Bummer.

“A single-income household that owns a home, a car, and can go on yearly family vacations.”

5. Way different.

“Meals on flights.

Luggage on flights.

Now your ticket incudes just the seat your a** occupies.

Luggage? That’s extra.”

6. BS.

“Have a product that lasts MANY years.

Not for a lack of resources of the great companies , but it is much more profitable to make a product that lasts a few years and make people go after another product of yours.”

7. A sad one.

“Having a reachable, reliable doctor that doesn’t make you feel like you’re wasting their time.”

8. Come on!

“Full product softwares and games.

Wild how quickly we went from buying finished products in boxes with instructions to digital purchases of half a game with 10GB day-one patches and the option to buy the rest or wait a year for the GOTY edition.”

9. Back in the day.


In the 70-80’s, we could buy concert tickets with our minimum wage jobs.”

10. False start.

“In America, we used to have starter homes.

A home so cheap a single young person’s salary could move him in.”

11. The good stuff.

“Basic, REAL wood furniture.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love the simplicity of IKEA, I was just there on Sunday and had a ball, but f**k me it seems the whole world is particle board now -even high end c**p from West Elm.”

12. Sky high prices.

“In the UK, heating our homes for the winter.

Energy prices have become unaffordable.”

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