I really wish I had the discipline to be a vegan but I just don’t really see that happening for me…

And I’ve had a couple of vegan friends in the past who, while they stuck to a vegan diet, didn’t eat healthy at all and actually got pretty sick because they were only eating sh**ty food.

This brings us to today’s conversation…

What foods are considered healthy but are actually UNhealthy?

Here’s how AskReddit users responded.

1. Gotta read the label.

“Most yogurt in United States……full of sugar.

I have been to several other countries and their yogurt has drastically less sugar.”

2. Not healthier.

“Juice, loaded with sugar.

I’ve seen people order juice at a restaurant cause it’s healthier.”

3. I wonder if this is a joke…

“Peanut M&M’s ….. What’s that ?

They’re not good for you?

Someone lied to me…”

4. Sorry to inform you…

“Clif bars.

Those guys have more sugar in them than a king sized Kit Kat!”

5. Still not great for you.

“Fast food that isn’t burgers.

I know so many people who think Chick-Fil-A is healthy and I have no idea why. “I don’t eat fast food except Chick-Fil-A because it’s healthier.”

It’s fried chicken. You know those people aren’t ordering the salad there.”

6. Is that cake?

“Subway sandwhich bread.

Their “eat fresh’ marketing really got to people.

But by the FDA’s guidelines, it’s closer to cake than it is bread.”

7. On second thought.


I have heard more than one person say that it is “good for you”. People are dumb.”

8. Loaded up.

“Most kombuchas you can buy at the store.

It’s a great product for gut health but the kinds at the store are loaded with fruits and sugar.”

9. Two staples.

“Literally anything that comes from animals.

Meat and ESPECIALLY dairy are some of the most awful things you can put in your body.”

10. Nutritious!

“Loaded teas.

There is a Herbalife shop that opened in my hometown and everybody is drinking them on the basis that they are super nutritious and healthy.

People will see “nutrition” and just drink them without any research or anything.”

11. All of it!

“I’m convinced everything is unhealthy nowadays.

Everything has corn syrup in it in America.

Short of me foraging or raising livestock myself, it’s all unhealthy.”

12. And here’s another view.

“Excessive exercise. You must rest.

Also denying yourself treats just because you think it’s bad is psychological harm which can have depressive effects.

That 12″ pizza is not going to k**l you.”

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