You know those people who work on oil rigs out in the middle of the ocean and stay out there for months at a time and do underwater drilling and things like that?

Yeah, I respect the hell out of those people but I know I’d never be able to do that job.

I also feel that way about people who drive 18-wheelers. They are skilled and brave and the thought of driving one of those trucks gives me the willies.

But let’s all tip our hats to those folks who are holding it down!

And let’s hear from folks on AskReddit about the jobs they respect but could never do.

1. No way.

“The guys that pump out the porta-potties on construction sites.

Holy f**k do I have respect for them but you couldn’t pay me enough to do that job.

I mean… I’d do it for $500,000/year… maybe.”

2. Gross stuff.

“Anything medical.

Pee, poop, snot, mucus, vomit, no thanks.

Mad respect for the nurses that actually enjoy working on the painful boil that grew on my a** and had to be lanced, drained, and treated several times.

I’m a grown man and could never do that job. I’m glad there are those that can.”

3. Crazy job.


People in that line of work deal with situations of true horror that none of us would have imagined of facing, but they bear & cope with it in their daily lives & face the next day without a flinch.

I admire those who work as parademics & hope I can be strong as they are in my line.”

4. Really hard.


I can’t imagine interacting with devastated people everyday, getting attached to patients just to lose them and having the knowledge that no matter what I do I cannot save anyone at this place. This job is the worst but to the people that do it and do it well, thank you.

When my dad was in hospice, there was one nurse in particular that would check in on us even when she didn’t have our room assigned to her, she would pop by after a long shift just to say hi to my dad and my dad loved her and so did we all. I had a long heart to heart with her and she truly made such a terrible time a little bit easier to go through.”

5. Traumatic.

“911 operators.

A friend is doing research (PHD) on 911 operator trauma.

I understand why most want to retire in the wilderness away from everyone.”

6. The unknown.

“Rescue diving.

Pretty much anything underwater in the ocean.

The unknown down below scares me.”

7. Definitely.

“Social workers.

They’re underpaid and under appreciated.”

8. They do amazing work.


My dad just passed away a few weeks back and the nurses were so d**n amazing. My mum and brother had COVID but we’re allowed to come visit with restrictions, so that my mum could say goodbye to her husband of 47 years.

The nurses organised it all and I could never do their job. Absolute respect.”

9. Sounds awful.

“Most any job dealing with customers/the general public

Talking to people you don’t know all the time, every day? I couldn’t handle it.”

10. Thanks to them.

“Sanitation. I’m a paramedic and they’re my heros.

Don’t have your trash taken out for a month and you’ll realize quickly how essential to society they are.

I’d say there is an argument that trash collection is the MOST essential thing for a functional society to have.”

11. I’d never be able to.

“People in animal care.

It’s a brutal profession with some of the highest su**ide rates since the people who choose the profession do so because they are deeply empathetic, and then see animals in distress all day.”

12. Time-consuming.


The study, the hours, the s**tty pay in the early years, the workplace abuse.

I like my time too much to be a doctor.”

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