The world is full of dangers

I’m not trying to sound paranoid, but it’s true…

And there are a lot of people that are pretty frightening as well.

What kind of people are you afraid of?

Here’s what AskReddit users had to say about this.

1. Lies!


If you unknowingly put trust in one, they can and will manipulate your perception of reality to the point that you don’t trust your own mind anymore.”

2. Yes.

“Stupid people.

Bertrand Russell: “The fundamental cause of the trouble is that in the modern world the stupid are cocksure while the intelligent are full of doubt.”

He said a lot of wise and insightful things.”

3. How do you do that?

“People that never seem to get upset or angry.

When they do get angry they’re frightening.”

4. Absolutely.


More precisely that one type of guy who shows up with an entourage at 4 or 5 in the morning at your local dive bar, wearing a leather or puffer jacket, with a look in his eyes that tells you: “I haven’t gotten laid tonight and snorted a gram by myself and readjust your f**king front teeth for the slightest reason my coked up brain deems fit.”

Gorilla looking, brutish f**kers.”

5. Stay far away from them.

“Drama queens…

They give me hives.. so much wasted exerted energy for nothing. .ugh.”

6. A lot of them out there.

“Guys with egos that are easily bruised, paired with short tempers and an inability to comprehend boundaries.”

7. Street life.

“Kids in gangs

I’ve been mugged a couple years back, and that experience alone gave me severe PTSD when it comes to walking the streets. I’m always constantly watching my back even when I’m walking in broad daylight.

These kids always wear the same attire, black puffy jacket with the hoodie on and their face mostly covered. Every time I see this my heart would always race and my trauma would kick into full gear.”

8. All of these.

“Narcissists. Steer totally clear of.

Materialistic people.

Religious Crazies

Those who bring politics into every conversation.

Thus, the reason I am a very happy introvert. My choice.”

9. Paranoid.

“People who will deny facts to prove their point.

The “the scientists are lying”, “this news source always lies” kind of people.

I’m not afraid for myself, mind you. It’s just that… These people normally vote.”

10. This is good.

“The ones who think rights are like pie.

There is not a limit on human rights. If you give some, you still have the same ones. Support more and guess what, you still have the same amount of rights, if not more.

You can have your rights and grant them too!”

11. Please step back.

“I work in retail.

Definitely old people who stand close to you to ask where something is And get closer when you back up.

The pandemic hit different.”

12. Open up your mind.

“People that are very sure of themselves based on the religious beliefs that they’ve been indoctrinated into from birth.

Just because you were born into certain waters doesn’t mean anything that you have experienced is true.”

What kind of people are you afraid of?

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