Whether you want to believe it or not, guys aren’t going to tell you everything…

I’m talking to you, ladies!

And today we’re gonna get some real talk from people on AskReddit about what they think men never tell women.

Let’s take a look!

1. Keep that quiet.

“I’m not hungry I’ve just been holding in a fart for two hours and my stomachs making weird noises.”

2. Just being honest.

“I am afraid you will think I am creepy.

That’s why I am awkward.”

3. Up to you.

“I don’t usually have strong opinions about where to go for dinner because I’m already the only person that drives the car, and I don’t want to seem like I’m controlling everything we do together.”

4. Hug me!

“How badly we want to be loved and appreciated by a girl.

We sometimes become tired of always being the strong one.

Sometimes we just want a hug.”

5. Alone time.

“Just because I text “good night” doesn’t mean I go to sleep immediately.

I just need some time alone.”

6. One or the other.

“We have two modes.

We either notice every tiny little thing but don’t say anything or we just don’t care about most things.

It entirely depends on who we are talking to.”

7. Oh, no…

“When you ask us if a dress is making you look fat or not, we are scared AF.

We can be your friend, son, brother, bf/fiancé/husband, father but we are scared to to tell you if it actually makes you look fat.”

8. Sorry…

“The password to the pillow fort.

Sorry, you can’t come in.

I didn’t make the rules, I just follow them.”

9. Tread carefully.

“We probably like you a LOT more than we’re letting on.

We just have to be careful how much interest we show otherwise we feel like we’ll scare you off by expressing our true feelings.”

10. Kiss me.

“I think I like kissing and cuddling more than s**.

All of the emotional gratification with none of the pressure.”

11. Scared to open up.

“Talking about my feelings and insecurities is risky because what if it’s used against me?

She might show sympathy at first but of a sudden she tells me to stop being a baby and get over. “Man up.”

What if she gossips to everybody behind my back then everybody knows I was vulnerable. It’s humiliating.

You say men should open up and that we all have feelings, it’s okay we’re all human then you laugh when a man does open up and now you can’t see him the same way because “he looked pathetic.”

A lot of men don’t know how to open up and it might be overwhelming for those trying to be there for them.

It’s risky to open up even if I trust you because who knows how you’re going to take it. The opposite is also true because who knows if I’m going to explode.

For most men it’s just better to keep quiet so we don’t have to deal with bulls**t that comes with opening up and occupy ourselves with other alternatives that doesn’t make us explode. An escape from reality whatever that may be.”

12. The game.

“If you flirt with us, we have two thought processes.

you are flirting and we are too scared that we will be creeps I’d you are not

you are not flirting and just being friendly.

There is no in between. We will continue with the conversation like it never happened.”

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