Have you ever found out your significant other was cheating on you?

If you have, you know how terrible is it…

The feeling of betrayal makes you want to climb into a hole in the ground and never come out…

And that brings us to today’s article. AskReddit users talked about how they found out their partners were doing them dirty.

1. That’s one way to do it.

“I asked. Got an honest answer.

So full marks for honesty I guess.”

2. Worked out in the long run.

“She had me setup her computer that I bought, didn’t remember her password to her icloud account, so we just used mine.

Had a rough time finding work and was filling out job apps on my computer and started receiving alerts for DMs. Yeah… They were the MULTIPLE men she was having an affair with. Filed for divorce the next week.

4 years later I’m doing amazingly well, and she’s a lonely rotten potato.”

3. Gross.

“Found condom wrappers tucked under my matress. We didn’t use condoms.

He lived at home with his mom, so he used my place while I was at work.”

4. You found out.

“I was visiting him and his family & popped out to the shop. This girl was staring at me and came over & asked “didn’t you and him split up?”.

Turns out they slept together, barely 12 hours after I went home 4 weeks priors. I stormed back to his and he admitted it so I grabbed my stuff and left.

He didn’t think I’d find out because she a “random hook-up” and I lived 2 hours away.”

5. That was quick.

“I found out after I broke up with her January 2018. Next day I come back to our flat to get the rest of my things. She opened the door, was freshly showered and styled. I was a little confused.

I just entered the Living room and well.. there was a guy I saw for the past few months walking along the street after I came back from work, sitting on my couch… I was shocked, got my stuff and after I was back at my brother’s flat I just realized what was going on… she cheated on me so many times when I was at work and I never have thought about that..

And the worst thing is that after I talked to a “friend”. The friend told me that they knew about that since it was going on on April 2017… Her “excuse” was: “I prepared for the time you want to break up with me”.”

6. Just being honest.

“He told me.

He wanted to be honest with me and to assure me that “nothing” happened – 5 nights in Cabo, sleeping in the same bed… I think he wanted to sabotage the relationship and didn’t have the guts to end it himself. Yeah, 5 years ended on Sunday night. One would think a 64 year old man would be better.

I am sad and angry…lonely will come later.”

7. Nasty.

“I came home one morning after working a double shift. I had to move over because of the sweat stain in the middle of the bed.

I recognized the guy she’d been with by his scent.”

8. He was projecting.

“He suddenly and randomly accused me of being on a dating site.. I denied it so he showed me.. he said his mate had seen it and told him.. turns out it was an old profile from a few years before we’d even met, i told him surely he could tell from the old photos?

Then.. I noticed he was signed into this site so I checked it out and found he’d been recently messaging local girls himself!!! We’d been together almost 4 years and living together and he was claiming he was single.. and THEN.. as if it couldn’t get any worse.. he got a Facebook notification that his ex girlfriend had messaged…

So I checked that out aswell and from their messages I learnt that she’d been coming over to our house for meals/al**hol and ‘sausage parties’ whilst I was at work in the evenings… and he was mad that he thought I was cheating and was trying to pull me up over it!!

Unbelievable lol.. we broke up after this.”

9. Out of nowhere.

“When she broke off our engagement abruptly and was dating one of the Sr. Managers at her office within a month. We had been together for several years and were planning a wedding at the time. The break up came out of nowhere for me.

We were actually still sleeping together and getting along fine (as far as I knew) the day before. Both had good professional jobs and no real major life issues.

Then boom. She ended up married, had a couple kids, then got divorced. I met my wife a couple years later and have been happily married over 20 years. So it goes.”

10. Whoa.

“My fiancee and I had been living together for almost a year. For last 6 months of our 5 years together it felt like we were just roommates that shared the same bed. There was no intimacy there at all. I couldn’t shake the feeling like she was seeing someone.

She was coming home late from work and saying it was from hanging out with friends. Finally two weeks before the wedding and she confessed in tears that she’s pregnant. We hadn’t had s** in months. It’s by her boss.”

11. Gut feeling.

“Had a gut feeling and used an old iPhone to record a voice memo when I was at work. The woman was a recently married family friend.

That was a fun time, skimming through 10 hours of recording while thinking I’m insane only to tumble upon what was obviously s**. Snakes on a Plane was playing in the background.”

12. A long time ago…

“It’s long in the past now, but I started to get suspicious when she would go out in the mornings and evenings to have “training sessions” at the gym with her female friend from her Taekwondo school and her ex-boyfriend would just happen to end up being there most times.

She thought she was being rather sneaky because it was a white lie – she’d arrange to and go train with her friend, and her ex would text her while she was there and just happen to show up and train with them too.

Too bad for her, we had an iPad that we both used and she had previously left her iCloud account signed into Messages on it, so anything they sent to each other was logged in there, and I’d be using it while at home and off work and would see the messages come in via the notification feed. Their text history made it pretty obvious what was going on.

Based off my gut feeling and the pretty obvious messages, it wasn’t hard to figure it out. I wanted to give her the chance to come clean and she didn’t. She broke off our relationship of four years and not 3 weeks after, my suspicions were confirmed when she was engaged to her ex using the engagement ring I had paid for (it was an heirloom I had been given by her grandma to use to propose and I had paid for some repairs to be made on it).

She was somehow still surprised and utterly shocked when she tried to talk to me shortly after their engagement and I told her I didn’t want anything to do with her.

The ex-boyfriend-turned-fiancée also tried to contact me to explain that they had just gotten back together out of nowhere, but I had the whole message history between them from the iPad and that shut him up pretty quick. My ex tried to explain too and was somehow still shocked when I didn’t want to remain friends or even remotely in contact.

Good riddance – I don’t have space in my life for people who can’t own up to their shortcomings, especially when there is visible evidence to back it up. Last I checked, they’re still together with two kids, but according to a mutual friend, she is apparently cheating on him with someone new.”

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