Some things just seem to fade into the mist.

It could be bands, celebrities, products, TV shows, pretty much anything!

Check out what AskReddit users had to say about this.

1. The old days.

“Water beds.

Used to have one.

Nothing like forgetting to turn on the heater an hour before bed in the middle of winter.”

2. They were great!


They were all the rage back in my school as a kid and they just disappeared overnight.

Nobody even noticed, it was just a fad that d**d.”

3. Long gone.

“Traveler’s checks.

And 90% of checks in general.”

4. Pic in pic.

“Picture in Picture TVs.

I miss this.

Playing Crash Bandicoot in the tiny corner of the screen while my mom watched General Hospital on the rest of the screen.”

5. Stumbling.


I remember all my classmates and my Mom used to use it years ago.”

6. Dwindling numbers.

“Service clubs. e.g. the Rotary, the Lions, the Shriners.

Oh, they’re still around, but a common complaint among them is they’ve got no members under 70 and no new members are lining up to get in.”

7. What happened?

“When you turn off the TV, how the image would shrink to a dot before slowly fading away.”

8. Very rare.

“Landlines in residences.

The jacks are still in almost any house but I rarely see anything plugged in anymore.

The only people I can think of with them are all over 60.”

9. That’s too bad.

“I think people have noticed now but at the time, nobody noticed it was happening: 24 hour stores.

I live in a major city and we don’t have a single 24 hour grocery store ever since the pandemic.”

10. A legend.

“Movie trailers with that deep voice guy doing the voice overs.

Don LaFontaine.

He’s been d**d near 15 years now.”

11. Jeez.


A guy in my town should have gotten that memo. Several months ago he was planking on the railing of a pedestrian bridge that pretty high up in the middle.

He lost his balance and rolled off onto the ground below and d**d.”

12. Disappeared.

“Taco Bell used to have a chihuahua as their mascot.

Little dude just disappeared one day and anyone born after 2000 probably doesn’t even know what I am talking about.”

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