America gets a whole lot of grief from people about what our country does WRONG.

But today we’re going to focus on the good stuff, the things that we do RIGHT.

Check out what folks on AskReddit had to say about this.

1. Amazing.

“The Smithsonians.

We have a world-class, free network of museums that cater to anyone’s interest.”

2. Out in the wild.

“Preservation of large areas of wilderness while still making it very accessible for almost anyone to use and enjoy.”

3. FYI.

“The National Weather Service.

That’s where all the rest of the USA weather channels get their information.”

4. The best.

“American Blues music.

Thank God for the blues.”

5. Yes!

“The public libraries.

They are amazing.”

6. We have it all.

“Geography in general (not that it’s a man made thing).

The US has a vast array of climates and geographic features.

The differences between Arizona, New York, Florida, Alaska, Wisconsin, California etc. are pretty staggering.”

7. Great stuff.


Add NASA’s oversharing of scientific data.

Gotta love all the free data sets from NASA satellites.”

8. Thank you!

“Free refills and free toilets.

They actually complement each other.”

9. It’s better here.

“The Americans with Disabilities Act.

We don’t have perfect inclusion of disabled people.

But we’re a lot better at it than lots of places.”

10. Seeking info.

“Freedom Of Information Act.

A clear way you can ask the government for information and records.”

11. Yummy.


First thing I order at literally any new BBQ joint I try.

If they can’t offer a good brisket, then that s**t ain’t for me.”

12. Here to serve you.

“As an Irish person, who are famed for our friendliness, I am still very struck by your service skills in the US. I know some find it overbearing, but “ can I help you today?.. anything else sir?” Etc, is better than sitting there being ignored.

So, you are the best at service (retail, restaurant etc) . I can’t help wonder what you think when you go to the likes of Paris.”

13. Interesting.

“Public Domain and the concept of Fair Use of intellectual property.

A lot of countries don’t recognize fair use, like Japan.

It’s part of why Nintendo is so litigious.”

14. We’re #1!

“Tech companies.

America has some of the largest, most profitable companies in the world. This has a number of positive benefits; better products (cloud computing, programming languages and CPU for example), super high paying jobs (junior software engineers in the US out earn the average CEO in my country), amazing stock market performance (pensions, sovereign wealth funds and savings accounts all rely on the performance of these companies).”

15. Made in America.

“TV and music.

As a European, 99% of the music and TV I watch was made in America.”

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