What do you think ALL men can agree on…?

It’s a tricky question, no doubt about it.

But luckily, these folks on AskReddit were up to the task!

Read on to see what they had to say about this.

1. A big one.

“That we are happy we get the short bathroom line.

I still marvel in amazement and am grateful when I walk into a bathroom at a stadium or sporting event and it’s just an endless column of empty urinals.

Then you see the ladies bathroom line wrapping around two different corners. There’s so much room for activities in the men’s bathroom.”

2. They always remember.

“Lady Professor in college (2008) said I’d make an incredible husband to my wife someday.

Girl at the drive thru line said I had a cool car in September of 2015.

Lady gas station attendant complimented my outfit that day and said I had a good vibe (2018).

Cashier said I was handsome while ringing me up a couple weeks ago.

Point is we never forget when we get complimented out of the blue.”

3. You can’t help it.

“Click the tongs a couple times to make sure they work first.

Makes me feel like a crab…a very powerful crab.”

4. You better believe it.

“We all want a secret passage in our house, somewhere.

And we all want to pick up that stick we walked past that looks like a sword.”

5. It happens…

“Put two men on the phone, and we’ll be done talking in two minutes.

Put two men on Xbox Live, andm oh s**t is it 2:00 am?

I should probably go to bed…after this game.”

6. The way it’s done.

“When you strap something down you have to slap the top of it and assure that it isn’t going anywhere.”

7. Nothing going on upstairs.

“Sometimes… I really am thinking about nothing. Literally…

Flatline, nobody home, crickets in the field…”

8. Just hanging out.

“Men can just hang out and not speak a single word for hours.

My best friend and me would hang out on a daily basis when we were younger (am 33 now) and just watch TV, play Fifa and s**ke some weed.

His sister is still impressed to this day, later on her boyfriend joined us too.”

9. Just look at it…

“After mowing the grass or doing yard work, you must admire it for at least an hour afterwards.”

10. This is very true.

“When the water balloons come out, all bets are off. Friendships, and relationships no longer apply.

Men, women, children, everyone is getting slaughtered. This also applies to Nerf, Mario Kart and Monopoly.”

11. Not pleasant.

“Getting hit in the balls hurts.

Seeing someone get hit hurts, too.”

12. Nice grab.

“When you take off your boxers, you NEED them to drop to the floor and flip them up to yourself with your foot.

Usually followed by a harsh swipe grab while in mid air.”

What do you think all men can agree on?

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