We often remember teachers as individuals who sent us to detention or even the principal’s office. They may seem boring—and some of them are—but they love to laugh too.

Teaching isn’t an easy profession either. It can be awkward to run into a teacher in public. Instructors also have to remain professional with their students and their parents, but every once in a while they give us a funny memory!

13. An Interesting Award

An imaginative call-out, indeed!

Look what I got from my teacher
by inpics

12. Surf’s Up, Dude!

It’s a far-out way to get the kids’ attention!

A California teacher teaching the physics of surfing (1970)
byu/Reddit__PI inOldSchoolCool

11. The Force is Strong With These Teachers!

If they don’t listen to you, they’ll listen to Luke Skywalker or his dad.

[deleted by user]
by infunny

10. Who’s Who Here?

The story behind this is that some students hadn’t shown up to class all quarter and this a bonus trick question.

After not taking attendance all quarter, my TA was out of town on exam day. This was the last question.
byu/dovahkid infunny

9. Interesting Pencil Choice

When teachers great frustrated with kids who forget their school supplies…

Photo Credit: Imgur

8. A Mental Break Question

We bet some people still stress out over this one!

Photo Credit: Imgur

7. Oh Me, Oh My!

Is this even allowed in school?

Photo Credit: Imgur

6. Short and Sweet!

At least the teacher was impressed.

Photo Credit: Imgur

5. Clearly This Teacher Loves Sarcasm

It’s more than a sign simply asking people not to play the piano.

My music teacher posted this today
byu/NoahAndZoidberg infunny

4. A Literal Intimidating Prop

Better than Gatorade, righ?

byu/coolcrazyguy09 infunny

3. Professor Walter White

This will get the kids’ attention!

My chemistry professor right now at this very moment!
byu/TheDoomOfDeath infunny

2. An Original Way to Award Extra Credit

That was a dumb remark though!

Photo Credit: Bored Panda

1. You Can’t Fool This Teacher!

He has great observational skills.

This Teacher Knows…
byu/iam_fat_guy_ infunny

Teaching is a difficult profession, and we love to see teachers stay creative. Granted some of these shows of humor are a bit unorthodox, but that’s what makes these hilarious moments so special!

Is there a funny moment you remember from school? Please, share it with us in the comments!