Boy, am I hungry

Actually, I should say that I’m STARVING.

Starving for TWEETS, that is!

Hey o!

Are you ready to dig in? Go ahead and take a bite!

1. Don’t trust them.

It’s a trap!

2. Leave them guessing.

The only way to go out.

3. You’re gonna be fine.

Nothing to worry about!

4. Let Scooby speak!

He’s really getting the shaft.

5. Don’t do it!

You’ll lose…trust me.

6. Do you think the convicts like that?

I bet they don’t…

7. Just a lil’ LOL.

It’s funny, right?

8. She signed up for it.

And don’t tell me any different!

9. Good pick-up line!

I think it’s gonna work.

10. I never thought of it this way.

But you’re right.

11. Always bet on Taco Bell.

You can’t go wrong.

12. We need this.

It would save a lot of time.

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Thanks in advance!