If you were an adult in the 2000’s, you probably remember it mostly as a socially chaotic time filled with uncertainty and strangeness.

The whole decade started with a global panic that a computer bug was going to usher in the apocalypse, for crying out loud. If you were born in the 2000’s, you probably remember like, I dunno, a lot of bright colors. For those of us who were coming of age? It was a WILD time. A time that to this day I have difficulty putting my finger on.

Here are twelve things from that odd little decade that gave it its special flavor.

12. Nintendogs

Oh cool, thanks for breaking my heart and making me feel like a monster. Again.

11. Emo music

Hey, My Chemical Romance still slaps.


10. Early YouTube

Children are the strangest creatures on planet Earth.


9. Nintendo DS chat rooms

For when you want to talk, but not quickly.

8. T9 texting

I could do this under my desk at school without looking. It’s the one advantage I miss.


7. Fergie

Don’t count her out – her last album was only three years ago.


6. Radio Disney

I firmly believe all those radio contests were rigged.


5. Limited Too

Not just a store in the mall, a way of life for all.


4. This particular look

What do you even call this aesthetic? And where are the pookah shells?


3. Zip off shorts

For the man on the go who has no idea what he’s about.


2. Sleepover style

If it ain’t pink, I don’t want it.


1. Beans

He cool, he’s still out there acting, doing his thing.


Hard to believe I’d ever look back at that particular time as a model of stability but…well…live and learn, I suppose.

What are your fondest/oddest memories from the 2000’s?

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