Strange how the nature of little problems changes over time. Struggles I have interacting with my world today would probably sound like gibberish if expressed to my younger self, and woes of the past are all but forgotten now.

How many of these “big problems” do you remember?

15. Scratched up discs

Did you set your CD down carelessly? Say goodbye to the whole album.

14. The Discman dilemma

Unlike the Walkman before it, you just couldn’t comfortably walk around with these things.

13. The collection

The fact that we didn’t all die leafing through these things while driving is a miracle.

12. Slow computer speeds

Before it was relatively cheap to get all the speed you’d need for most tasks, every single program was a total gamble.

Via: mensxp

11. Geocities pages

Well, they weren’t generic, I can give ’em that.

10. The ball mouse

You had to open this up and clean it every once in a while, and it was gross.

9. The channel scroll

If you were rich enough to even afford a bunch of channels, you’d better make sure you didn’t accidently scroll past the one you wanted.

8. Dial up internet

“The internet came over the phone line” is a sentence that would be so hard to explain to a kid now.

7. Bad exposures

I got a picture taken with the lead singer of my favorite band. Double exposed with a picture from summer camp. Still mad about it.

6. The cord dance

If you had a corded phone, you had to go to great lengths to give your call some privacy.

5. The cartridge blow

Companies like Nintendo tell you not to do this but they’re lying, it almost always helps.

4. Old school Weather Channel

It was like a website but bad and also on TV.

3. VCR disasters

Bye bye, whatever video that was.

2. Early cell phones

Built like a brick and with about the same function as one.

1. Time-sensitive phone bills

You could use your phone for free as long as you waited ’till it was inconvenient.

Technology sure has come a long way. Although I have to admit, I definitely miss the excitement that came with getting your hands on a new, physical album. Kind of felt like magic.

What do you miss about the 90’s/early 2000’s?

Reminisce in the comments.