Hang on a second…do you see what I see?

Is that a dog? A cat? A bird? A horse? A plane?

I guess you never can tell when it comes to “accidental camouflage”, and these photos are a whole lot of fun.

Not only will they make you laugh, but you’ll have to use your brain a little bit to find stuff…if you’re into the whole “using your brain” thing.

Take a look at these pics and enjoy!

1. I don’t see it anywhere…

And I think I might be losing my mind trying to find it.

There’s a cell phone in this photo.. from AccidentalCamouflage

2. Blending in perfectly.

Yes! This is what I’m talking about! Flawless!

It’s perfect. from AccidentalCamouflage

3. It reminds me of the photo in Back to the Future.

When Marty McFly’s family starts to disappear.

Only a top from AccidentalCamouflage

4. I thought the chair was broken, too…

Wait, what the hell is going on around here?!?!

broken chair from AccidentalCamouflage

5. This is pretty amazing.

This man is a legend!

Photographer from AccidentalCamouflage

6. I see you in there!

He’s just taking care of business.

Doggo, defender of chicks from AnimalsBeingBros

7. This one took me a minute.

But now I see it!

Was told I should post this here… picked up this little guy and this is where he chose to lay. from AccidentalCamouflage

8. Are you sure that’s your dad?

I still don’t really believe you…

The way this dad’s shirt lines up with the painting from AccidentalCamouflage

9. This cat is pretty much a ninja.

Blending right in with her surroundings.

My friend found an invisible cat in Greece from AccidentalCamouflage

10. Following you like a shadow.

Wait, that’s now a shadow?

The shadow… from AccidentalCamouflage

11. Gotta be careful with this one.

Make sure not to step on him!

Don’t step on him. from AccidentalCamouflage

12. Hey, you guys are color coordinated!

Don’t you just love it when this happens?

Found on mildy interesting from AccidentalCamouflage

Have you ever captured any good examples of “accidental camouflage”?

If so, please share some photos with us in the comments.

We’d love to hear from you. Thanks!