Okay parents, we want you to level with us…

A lot goes down in the school drop-off zone, doesn’t it?

Drama, intrigue, tantrums, you name it!

I knew I was right about this one!

And now we’re gonna hear about it from parents who are living it! Take a look!

1. Work smarter.

Pay attention, people!

2. The line never ends…

It’s like Hell on Earth.

3. You’re not embarrassing her at all.

Keep it up!

4. Not gonna happen!

It’s about to get real.

5. Are you talking about yourself?

It sure sounds like it…

6. I think you’re right.

Every man and woman for themselves!

7. Keep it moving!

Nothing to see here!

8. Let’s hope so…

Good luck out there!

9. Thank God…

You gotta look at least halfway normal.

10. It’s pretty ugly.

Our country is in a freefall.

11. Ouch. Burn!

That’s rough.

12. Take it down a notch.

And mind your own business!

Now we want to hear from more parents.

Tell us about your school drop-off stories in the comments.

We look forward to it!