I never really thought of myself as having a weird sense of humor.

Although sometimes, I’m told in a very David-from-Schitt’s Creek kind of way, “that got very dark.”

But Pleated Jeans recently did a roundup of tweets that reflected a weird sense of humor, and personally, I didn’t see what was so weird about them!

I thought just about every single one was pretty amusing, and apparently so did a lot of other Twitter users.

So, without further ado, here are the 12 funniest (even if in a weird way) tweets around:

1. The Cicada Sk8r

It makes me laugh every. Single. Time.

2. Poor lil’ buddy

The pupper and the man.

3. Got the morbs? Don’t be poked up!

Put some cake in your sauce box and you’ll be a right gigglemug!

4. Every. Time.

I love those little trash bandits so much.


5. Giraffes. Nature’s “Oopsie Daisy!”

She’s not wrong. A narwhal seems more unlikely than a unicorn.

6. She’s not wrong either

Poor Picasso…

7. I mean… how was she supposed to know?

Also, that seems like a valid symptom…

8. This is maybe the realest thing I’ve ever read

I’ve never felt more seen.

9. Too right we do!

We got your back, bro.


10. Hahahahahahahaha

This is why I don’t have children.
Brilliant little fiends.

11. Legit facts

Sasquatch has an affinity for folks like Cleetus.

12. It’s the response that really makes you giggle

I love it when the right account responds.

There you have it. The funniest tweets around.

They’re definitely some of my favorites. Did we leave any good ones out, or is your sense of humor not weird enough? Tell us in the comments!