12 Weird & Adorable Items Every Single Grandmother Had In Their House

You remember going to grammy’s house, right? Maybe you still do!

Because they all grew up during similar times, they tend to have similar tastes. And when you have similar tastes (and needs), you start buying the same stuff.

That’s why we’re certain that these 12 essential items are must haves for every grandmother’s house.

12. Tomato pin cushions!

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11. Cookies?!? Nope! But speaking on sewing…

10. Fruit Magnets on the fridge so you know there’s fruit in here!

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9. A display for plates and cups and silverware to look at and never use!

8. Hey, it supports the Audubon Society. So it’s for a good cause!

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7. It was always stuck together, so nobody ate it.

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6. This is the dish where all food becomes one!

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5. Hey dawg, grandma heard you like Christmas, so we put some Christmas in your Christmas so you can Christmas when you Christmas!

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4. Fun fact: she never told you that these are from all the people she killed.

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3. Especially Italian grandmothers…

2a. Why would you throw this away when it’s perfectly good?

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2b. Also, used Country Crock containers…

Growing up hispanic, ay abuela

1. Remember drinking juice out of jam jars? That was the right amount of juice!

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Bonus… if your grandmother was old enough these also came in aluminum

Whose mom or grandma had these tupperware cups in their cupboards?

Aww the memories.

Love you Mamo!