As you already know, social media is chock-full of funny photos…and weird ones, too!

And today we’re gonna take a look at some pics that are gonna make you laugh AND scratch your head at the same time.

What else could you possibly ask for, right?!?!

Okay, I’ll stop talking now so you can enjoy these posts.

1. Good plan.

I feel safe now!

2. This seems like a scam.

Typical cat behavior.

3. This is sad.

And weird…

4. Don’t close that bag!

This is dangerous…

5. You’re gonna need all that booze.

No doubt about it!

6. It really is invisible!

Very cool!

7. And just like that…

Grandma was gone.

8. Good job, guys!

Now explain to us what you’re doing.

9. A real tragedy.

Can they save him?

10. Don’t see that every day.

A for Effort.

11. You doing okay?

You seem a little stressed out.

12. They didn’t think this through.

Come on, guys!

Do you have any weird or funny social media accounts you follow?

Give us some good recommendations in the comments.

Thanks a lot!