Nothing gives you the feels like cute animal memes right?

I still get the giggles over basically the first ever meme that I can remember–the bunny with a pancake on its head.

I wonder who owns the NFT of that one?

Recently, BuzzFeed did a great roundup of all the best memes, so here are the top animal-themed ones to get you through to Friday.

1. Smile, you’re on candid camera

He’s been on to you this whole time.

2. I love going out, I promise

We just want to be loved.

3. Actually, here’s what happens next

You find the dog, and you pet the dog.
And you let the party go on without you.

4. All the best cats like stories

Especially ones that are about them.

5. Blame my mom

She’s the one who always said it’s the thought that counts.

6. Lookit his little face

I think we should call him Shakespeare.

7. Okay but from now on, Hedgehogs

I want to bring the energy of this little floof to everything I do.


8. That’s the same puppy as #2, isn’t it?

He’s insta-famous! And insta-dorbs!
(Sorry-not sorry for the bad joke.)


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9. Fox, not sox

But don’t you sort of wish your socks looked that comfy?

Bath time doesn’t have to be stressful

Look how proud!

10. Oreo cloud!

When I worked at the zoo we had a goat called Double Stuff. So what I’m saying is… this one should be called Cookies ‘n Cream.


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11. Because who HASN’T been dreaming of gator skritches?

At least since their Crocodile Hunter binge-watching days…

12. Even puppies love puppy smooches

And they don’t mind puppy breath!

13. This little raccoon knows whats up

I want him. I want him and his stuffed fren!


I love all these little fluff-balls so very much. Don’t you feel warm and fuzzy now?

What is your favorite critter meme? Drop it in the comments!