It’s an old adage that “dogs are a man’s best friend” for a reason.

Asking little more than food and belly rubs, devoted to their person, these furry companions give us as much in return as we give to them.

Personally, my aging floof continually teaches me so much about love, resilience, and keeping a schedule.

Companies the world over have long figured out that the way to a person’s heart flows directly through their pet.

That’s why Busch’s (of beer fame) have created a new broth-based “Dog Brew,” so that you and your BFF can kick back and enjoy a cold one together.

And when they put out a call on Twitter looking to hire a new Taster-in-Chief, pet parents across the country lined up to put their favorite pooch on the list.

I can’t say I blame them. These days it’s a lucky dog that finds a job with insurance.

Of course EVERY dog is the very best boy or girl, but here are 13 absolute stunners.

1. Chase the Fluffy Boy

That extremely boop-able nose is ready to bury itself in a bowl of brew.

2. Bernie the Florida Dog

He can provide feedback in three languages (Spanish, English, and Labrador).

3. Edi the Teddy Bear

You can see it in his eyes that he’s ready for this new challenge.

4. Luna the Goldendoodle

Look how happy she is to meet you.

5. Hustler Jack the Good Boy

He’s accustomed to the finer things, and knows how to shake.

6. Cassius the Pool Rat

He’s ready to get the party started.

7. Owen Wilson, Not the Actor

He’s got lounging down to an art.

8. Roxy the Bestest Girl

Not quite as ferocious as she thinks.

9. Bear & Koda the Glamour Pups

Reporting for duty and ready for adventure.

10. Apollo the Saint Bernard


11. Boomer Mac the Rottweiler

He has his own actual resume.

12. Ryder the Rhodesian Ridgeback

A player with a heart of gold. Sounds like a dragon from Harry Potter.

13. Charlie the Rescue Pup

He has overcome so much just to be here.

These doggos definitely brought the credentials, and I hope they all get to enjoy the spotlight.

Which one would you pick? Drop their name in the comments.