My dog does not follow instructions. Like, at all.

That is probably my fault. I never took her for obedience training.

When I was a kid we trained our dog to follow simple instructions: sit, stay, shake.

My current dog, bred to be a working dog, was a rescue and she’s smart as can be, but I’m pretty sure she willfully ignores me.

So I will not be submitting her resume to Busch for their new product campaign.

Busch is offering $20,000 plus benefits to the pooch who wins the gig.

What the job entails is not clear, but suffice it to say, my dog is her own person, and she enjoys being a dependent.

When the call went out on Twitter, though, hundreds of puppies (with the help of their people) applied for the job.

Here are 11 of the cutest little applicants social media has ever seen.

1. Boba the Blue Heeler

Even the Twitter-famous service dog threw his hat in the ring!


2. Hank the Saint Bernard

He’ll sample some product while he waits for your call.

3. Ellie the 11YO Mope

She has perfected several different poses.

4. Judge the Golden Retriever

Homeboy’s got ties to the Lou.

5. Busch the Floof

He was named for the product he’d be selling, which he loves.
I mean, come on!

6. Lou the Silver Lab

Perfect spokes pup for the land of the silver arch!

7. Machetie the American Pit Bull Terrier

Just look at those floppy ears and imagine his head cocked to the side.

8. Ollie the Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Have you ever seen a happier face?

9. Rex the Bull Terrier

He even has fans who will vouch for him!

10. Tucker the Alaskan Malamute

He’s ready to tackle any mountain. Or any brew.

11. Kora the Great Pyrenees

Already a viral sensation!

Those doggos are all obviously very good boys and girls, well trained and ready to take on anything.

Which one should Busch choose? Tell us your favorite in the comments.